need help!! confusing !!?:

need help!! confusing !!?

my ex girlfriend broke up with me 3 months ago, she has a new boyfriend and i got myself a new number, she has blocked me of facebook but on my facebook i commented a friend and gave him my new number and withtin twenty minutes of me posting it, she called me asking me how i am and what i am up to and she wanted to talk for a long while lol. do u think i have a chance to get her back?, and why do you think she called me that quickly for??

i asked her also why she called me, and she said because she was bored!, why would she call me if she was bored, she has a new bf to call now lol. and i asked her how she got my number but she kept saying i dont know aswell, so what do u think that means ?? i need help on what to think lol

we were together for 3 years and she left me for somebody else 3 months ago, do you think she regrets it, and should i contact her next or should i wait for her to contact me again, and what is a good strategy to get her to call me again. do i have a chance??? neeeeeed help lol

and also on her facebook all u see is “i love him so much” as in her new bf, its the only thing she writes. when i see that i think in my head “who is she trying to convince”, what do u guys think?, u cant love somebody after being with them for 3 months

and btw she unblocked me on facebook now, does this mean i have a chance to get her back?

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  1. RV says:

    I think you have a chance to get back with your ex, but it will take some time and a little effort on your part. This site has some helpful articles with good advice:<br/&gt;

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