No contact and Getting Your Ex Back

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  1. Adelaida Schicke says:

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  2. Doreen Garrett says:

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  3. Taricco Enderitta says:

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  4. Jacob Augustine says:

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  5. Johanne says:

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  6. hailey rodenbeck says:

    My boyfriend left me two days ago for his ex, they have been off and on for
    two years.. They cheat and lie to each other its just never worked. It was
    his first love and I completely understand, he’s confused and just wants
    her. But it never works. How can I make him realize I could make him
    happier and we can actually last longer? Please help

  7. Stephanie yowza says:

    U helped me in the past with my guy and me… Can you help me or help
    recommend a book for couples who love eachother but just keep going through
    the same vicous cycle on repeat?!! of breaking up…getting back
    together…? We are in a long distance relationship and we were sayin we
    love eachother all the time and planning on having me move there, but then
    …..we didnt end up moving in together and I am torn!! I just started
    turning into such a needy girl, and insecure and just all the ugly stuff I
    shouldn’t of shown of me…. I don’t know what to do…Its been 1 day no

  8. Haguo Daean says:

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  9. Mildred Bode says:

    Thank you for the tips lady. My 4 months relationship gave me the silent
    pass. He won’t answer my calls no text. I went no contact for a month and
    contacted him again and he didn’t respond. Do I need to email him
    acknowledging the part I played in the breakup? I think I was a bit needy
    and jealous but never really made him feel needed with my diction. I wanted
    to email him saying, the relationship was an experience and the breakup an
    eye opener and that he owes me nothing and I have nothing against him. How
    else can I get him to just answer my text? Thank you for any advice.

  10. Ryanaldo h says:

    Hey Carolina good video. I broke up with my gf in September and did pour my
    emotions. I did occasionally text up until December. I haven’t text her in
    14 days. I was a drama queen then but also have text her every week. Should
    I leave it for a few months?

  11. Sophia Olivia says:

    You must become an attractive happy person during this time. *You need to
    take a step back and reevaluate your life. You should make a lot of
    positive changes in your life. When you meet your ex after the no contact
    period, you want them to be attracted to you.* And the best way to do it is
    to start enjoying life and being an overall happy person. Don’t take this
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  12. Sheri Hathaway says:

    If you make no contact doesn’t that make it easy for them ,maybe they hope
    that you do that makes there decision easier on them. To get rid of you. jw

  13. Sheri Hathaway says:

    Thank you ,Caroline ,I love the No Contact to help yourself move on.

  14. RICKY STONE says:

    I’ve tried no contact with my ex girlfriend, and as soon as I do she will
    text me or send me an e-mail within a day or two, and then it starts all
    over again.

  15. Dale Brooks says:

    Hey there. Thanks for the video. I have been with my girlfriend for 7
    years. We have two kids together. She ended up making out with some guy at
    a bar, and is now talking to him and hanging out with him. I was out of
    province when it all happened, but I am now back and of course my first
    reactions were to do everything I wasnt supposed to do. She says they just
    talk and she feels like he is the only one she has to talk to. She tells me
    she hasn’t been happy and I am not affectionate, all the ooey gooey stuff.
    She originally said she needs time and space for herself, yet she talks to
    this guy. They have not had sex. But we had sex a few times when I got
    back. I am now stopping that. She doesn’t really have anyone but my family
    in her life. She lost her mom last November. We have a verbal agreement on
    custody with the kids. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to
    handle the situation. I do want her back, I love her a lot. I just didn’t
    show it like I should have. This guy she is talking to is 10 years older
    than her and he is a 33 year old loser who lives with his parents. It is
    not the type she would go for and it makes no sense at all. I realize the
    mistakes I made myself, I want to fix them, not only for her but for me. No
    contact is hard with the kids. Any advice?

  16. XxEngin3xX says:

    My ex girlfriend broke up with me around February, we stopped talking as
    she lived further away (I went to visit her and so on). Last week she
    randomly texted me (after a couple months) with some random questions or
    something, I asked her why she texted me – because I’m trying to forget
    about her, which didn’t work any more due to the memories coming back – and
    said she thought about me or something. Now she never really gave an answer
    why she broke up with me back then, but I would like to get one so it’s
    easier to process everything for me (and hopefully finally totally get over
    it). What should I do / what do you recommend? Thanks in advance (language
    may be a bit off, but I’m Dutch ;).) 

  17. Susan Jennifer says:

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    it is really hard to find proper advice to prevent making a fool of
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  18. Terrence Langdon says:

    Dear robin. My ex left me for hers and he dumped her for the five and
    finall time now she’s trying to forget him she’s trying to move on I was a
    good boyfriend to her even Thoe she known him ever since middle school. She
    told me had loved me buh I just cast her aside tht. She was still in love
    with him n she didn’t listen to my advice n now she’s dealing with trying
    to get over him I deleted her of Facebook do u think she’ll ever realize
    tht I was the better boyfriend and tht she’ll come back to me and apologize
    this happened this week should I have no contact with her?

  19. 0822angela says:

    I tried putting in the site but I keep getting a GoDaddy
    site to make a page. Where can I go for help?

  20. Oscar Mayorga says:

    Dear Robin.
    my girlfriend and i broke up recently and we have been together for 3
    months which could of been 4 months in June. the reason why she broke up
    with me is because she says that i am jealous and have trust issues on not
    trusting her when we were together. she and i talked on Facebook the other
    night when we broke that she says that she needs her space and wants to
    improve on herself and fix her flaws and she says that i need to fix myself
    too on my jealousy and trust issues that i have and she said that if i do
    this and on us being friends that maybe MAYBE we can get back together and
    try it again. do you think that i lost her for good where she isn’t coming
    back to me if i try the No Contact with her? or should i just move on?
    because the reason why i am asking is because i see that she still has our
    pictures together that we took in her photo album on her Facebook knowing
    she just posted recent pictures of herself.

  21. tonytck says:

    i sort of did the no contact rule without relizing it 2 weeks i didnt
    contact her for and all of a sudden i get a txt asking how i have been and
    she tells me things that are happening in her life at the moment

  22. MrAlternation says:

    Right now im at day 2 of no contact, before i did no contact i would try to
    do everything possible to get her back. Got fed up and now im doing no
    contact and i can already see progress i feel a whole lot better than
    before and my ex is now starting to feel whats its like without me in her
    life. but my question is how do i get into touch with her after no contact?
    wouldn’t it be awkward that i ignored her for 30days and all of a sudden i
    want to go get some coffee?

  23. Louise Clarke says:

    you people prey on vulnerable women!! Women turn in to head cases when
    their men split up with them, all logic flys out the window, then you wolfs
    lead them in to a false sense of security and try to sell them your step by
    step guides!! Robin you said at the end of this video that most men will
    move on with someone new!! where are you getting ur figures from, Do u
    really know most men? what is your basis for comparison? How much will your
    step by step plan cost me? As you keep saying there are no garuntees you
    will get ur ex back, there are even less garuntees your plan will work.
    stop preying on vulnerable women for cash, its so wrong!

  24. Nicole Shtern says:

    Dear Robin
    I really need your advice. I had a long distance relationship. My ex bf
    broke up with me two weeks ago. First week i was begging him to come back.
    After that i started the ncr . It worked. He wrote me something that i
    couldnt not respond. It was ….that he thought i was more loyal to
    him…cuz he got chlamydia from me…but then he wrote that its
    nothing…just some mistake…so he lied to me just to start the
    conversation…to ask how am i. Anyway he told me that he miss me. I know
    he wants me back but he dont know how to say that. He was waiting me to say
    that. well, now i dont know what to do…again the ncr? Its been two days
    since that conversation. Thanks)))

  25. TheAlanBennet says:

    *yes **+Jill Smokler**.. Thanks to you dude!!*
    *It worked when nothing else did! Never thought*
    *an internet product would solved my problem:))*
    *Really thanks to it..:)*

  26. bradly daws says:

    Ex Back!!!! X

  27. Stepharia says:

    Forgot to mention that he meant the feels towards me are stronger than to
    that person.

  28. fable7261 says:

    *Thank you so much **+mike2231975** for sharing me this wonderful*
    *program you posted! it was very informative… And*
    *We are back together because of the program.*
    *Seems like he’s getting more addictive to me.*
    *hehe.. I kinda like what he i doing now. ^*^_

  29. Barbara W says:

    Very impressed. Gentle reassuring and direct. Helps a lot. 

  30. Tobs Zehcnas says:

    can i ask u question? my gf ask me for a space, she’s in Fujairah UAE while
    im here in philippines, it’s been two weeks when she ask me for a space, i
    dont know why, her reason is she was pressure at her work, no time for
    love, and her family pressuring her to send money for them… and im
    curious why she need a space, i didn’t stop thinking that maybe she found
    new one that is why she ask me for a space.. b’coz she told me everytime
    shes out in her work she always read my messages doubting on her, maybe
    shes tired, but her first few months in fujairah our communications is
    strong, we do skypes, chatting in fb, calling each other, but one day i
    think last week of february she told me that she is tired of messaging me
    if im offline, she will just message me if she and I are online at the same
    time.. then until now she did not contacted me, her last message is stop
    messaging, how she will get a rest and think if im always sending her
    messages, and she said that the more i push it the more she will gone in my
    life, what will i do? sorry for my english thanks a lot…

  31. mrsaugust11 says:

    great video :)

  32. Ashan05 says:

    If he does not contact you within a week, then continue the NC. But if
    after 2 weeks he didn’t text or call to check on you, the chances of him
    doing so afterwards is slim. He may, but out of being rejected by
    others…not cus he now misses you. You start to miss someone after 3 days
    of no contact with them. However, this depends on circumstances surrounding
    your breakup. All I can say is that if he texts you hi, just reply with a
    simple fine. Thanks. He’s not your priority so you shouldn’t ask him how he
    is. He will get it. If you open the window of communication, he will be
    willing to come closer. If you shut him out, he will feel rejected and go
    back to square one. But whichever way you seem to respond, take your sweet
    time. No rush! 

  33. SupaFlyBoyZz699 says:

    Dear Robin
    I have a question . Should i read my cheated ex gf text & email or delete
    it? while trying to move on THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YALL ADVICE.

  34. Sabrina says:

    >Thanks to you dude!!
    It worked when nothing else did! Never thought
    an internet product would solved my problem:))
    Really thanks to it.

  35. Maya R says:

    If the no-contact keeps on going over weeks and months and the guy doesnt
    seem to bother at all, then? Obviously you would ask me to just let go..
    however it isnt that easy yet I am living this truth right now.

  36. jennifer lee says:


  37. Eve Matthuston says:

    Brad I have been in great pain since my ex boyfriend left me for another
    new girl. I was advised by my friend to move on but i couldn’t forget the
    good times i shared with my ex boyfriend whom I love so much. I want
    my ex boyfriend to return to me begging on his knees. please make this a
    dream come through like I heard you’ve done for others, thanks

  38. Jennifer McCready says:

    Robin, I would like to get some advuce on my particular situation, i can
    assure you that it isn’t the typical break up. Ive went through and watched
    almost all of your videos about getting an ex back, but I need a bit of
    personalized advice, Is there any way I can contact you? or you contact me?
    I believe you may be the only one who may be able to help…

  39. Anti Law says:

    yesterday i called and left voice mail that I want to know her status on
    our relation.I get email later saying I am worthless and never do anything
    etc..(i have done ALL she asked for, and I have full time secure job for
    yrs”)who am i to disapline daughter(it hurts when she hits-kicks me and mom
    does nothing)and to find someone else who suits my needs.Now”..I belive she
    is doing this out of anger etc cuz she loves me and just mad that i brought
    keys back.. “continued above

  40. Pamela Pardy says:

    Hi I have a question, it has been almost a week and I did the texting and
    calling shit, but I have recently heard about the no contact rule. I want
    to try it but now she is telling me, she has made a decision about us
    because I keep asking her to take me back. She wants to meet up tomorrow to
    talk to me about it, she said something about it being all about work…
    what does this mean? Help please :(

  41. ashleyryanJP says:

    if you wait a month would he move on from any feeling he has for you at
    all?:( my guy said he felt like he was losing his freedom.. so i said that
    i understood and i wouldnt mssage him anymoe and he said that he wanted to
    stay friends obviously and i responded yeh definatly (: ill see ya around
    im going to bed night and i feel as though if i waited that long he would
    have no feelings left…………please respond

  42. nic anderson says:

    I did the no contact for a week now and is wondering how exactly is this
    working? Isnt waiting to long bad for some ppl?

  43. The Destroyer says:

    Then we got into a lil argument……she said “I hope u meet someone
    else:(“I said “never”……that was our last talk which was 2 days
    ago……now I’m doing the no contact for maybe 2 weeks……so wish me
    luck guys.thanks !and thx for the vid to:)

  44. quben alex says:


  45. Louise Clarke says:

    timescales are different for everyone. I dont really agree with the no
    contact rule when ur trying 2 get an ex back, works great when ur trying 2
    get over someone. If ur ex is txting and calling u, txt him back, answer
    the calls, find out what he wants. B cool and casual, dont give away 2 much
    about what uv been up 2, let him wonder. Do not make urself 2 available,
    and whatever u do, u must not sleep with him until u have had the talk and
    u know exactly where u stand, however tempting it may be

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