Psychics/clairvoyants am I meant to stay forever single ?:

Psychics/clairvoyants am I meant to stay forever single ?

Hello , I’ve consulted a couple of psychics on my love life and they said I’d meet someone this year .Now the year is so close to ending and haven’t met anyone . I’ve just waited so long to find someone special in my life . I think it’s just normal to be worried . I’m not someone with low self esteem or mean . I just don’t understand why it’s taking so long for me to find someone . Am I not ready to meet thr right guy ? Everyday I lose a bit of hope .

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  1. deborahpsycic says:

    Yeah.. you are just looking at this the wrong way

    While you are on this search to acquire true love, you are growing as an individual, you are finding out hands on what you are really looking for, what you can and can not put up with and what is right for you.

    Not to mention at the end of this quest you will find that you are not the person you were when you started your travels. In actuality you have grown and became more worthy to accept love.

    The search was never an outward action looking for love but rather a search of self discovery and molding of you own personality.

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