Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back Psychological Tricks to Help you Get Your Husband or Boyfriend Back.

25 Responses to “Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back”

  1. Cynthiaa Leader says:

    sorry this did not work :(

  2. Jamii Stock says:

    My “best friend” had planned to become my friend only to steal my husband
    and children; essentially to get what I had. She is NOT my friend, either
    of them, and I am on my way to finding true peace and happiness!

  3. nshaboo101 says:

    scorpio all day everyday baby!!!

  4. Beauty19queen says:

    My ex is a cheater but i want him back wht i do?

  5. deepmoon4 says:

    The same happened to me; best friends are bitches

  6. sybergirl1999 says:

    My ex is imaginary…FOREVER ALONE! :(

  7. xoNickJisaCutieox says:

    My ex was a scorpio lol

  8. Twinkiiman1 says:

    is there 1 for ex gfs?

  9. MyCandyStores says:

    Journey, I miss you so much! I’m willing to try anything to get you back. I
    love you, we were perfect for eachother! Good luck everyone!

  10. maria vargas says:

    Im a leo!

  11. MaggieEatsAirplanes says:

    my ex is a libra….

  12. LolliNoogie says:

    What if he was the one rejected? I dumped him a year ago and last month he
    was calling me behind his new girlfriends back asking me if I thought we’d
    ever be together again. But the whole time we were broken up, he insisted
    that he broke up with me and he wanted us to hang out so he could keep
    trying to get the power of the break up. In the end, he “ended” his claim
    of trying to work things out to make him feel in control. Either way it
    came down to me knowing I don’t want him bc he’s a liar.

  13. OneEyedJack1970 says:

    Being a good cook is definitely a plus in any man’s book. It might seem
    like a little thing, but that’s a big deal to us.

  14. addy medernach says:

    oh hey same….

  15. deepmoon4 says:

    Im a scorpio my ex is a libra

  16. xoNickJisaCutieox says:

    your ex obviously doesnt have a genitalia

  17. SilverArrow164 says:

    Girls are easy to get back! DON’T try to get her jealous, she’ll just move
    on faster… then make her want you- slowly show her how amazing you are,
    put her into situations where she will remember great times you shared and
    how much she loved you… flatter her. for sure, girls are suckers for a
    good compliment from the heart! And don’t give up! Good luck, I hope this
    helps. -Sincerly, A Girl :)

  18. rosalinda749 says:

    how long does it take for an ex to contact again weather is to beg again
    and not change or to come to stay friends . my ex is a scorpion he walks
    off and returns when he is calm to say sorry , this time i refused to take
    him back and now he is ignoring me meking me feel guilty and regected as
    thats what he like to do ,its 4 weeks now

  19. NamiBurger says:

    Im a Pisces, my ex is a Scorpio. .

  20. Bamazin83 says:

    Scorpios are whack!

  21. amjaad shaar says:

    Me five :O

  22. charllotte36 says:

    Omg me too :(

  23. wantedninja2099 says:

    just to let yooooouuuu know im a gemini but i except that you got screwed
    over by a gemini but doesn’t mean all geminis are like that

  24. Mita Burgos says:

    If your ex adds u on fb, likes Ur statuses ect. What does that mean o.O

  25. Kera's LuvTechniques. says:


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