Red Summer – How To Get Your Ex Back

Directed & Edited by IntrygueGraphics, LLC 2012 ———— Reciting poetry from her Book enitled “Raw Sugar” at the Brown Sugar Vibe 5yr Anniversary at Kat…


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  1. Valentina Catherine says:

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  2. Terika Teri says:

    She look like trey songz

  3. Wallyworld33445 says:

    i looooved this. it ain’t work for me but i love it lol

  4. Cee_EpiZenith says:

    lmao aww i loved the fuck out of this tho!

  5. Kenya Boatright says:

    I love this on the iTunes album but glad to see a live version. Love it!!

  6. Zae Jackson says:

    omggggg soooo this lady today asked me to model for a poem/music show she
    host and the audience are lesbians. She asked me would i be uncomfortable
    or anything i was like nawl cause i love homosexual people and she usually
    host the show in ATL where its a big hit and is recorded but she’s gonna do
    it in the town we’re currently in right now(which is not atlanta) . But it
    would be such a huuuuuuuge coincidence if this is the show O_o

  7. Brittany Cole says:

    Mmm I guess I been doing this before I even watch it!!

  8. prozac4everyone says:

    This was PERFECT!!!

  9. Russel Racho says:

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  10. Tery Wilson-Filmmaker says:

    its called the Brown Sugar Vibe

  11. Alanna Frank says:

    Everytime she looks back at the camera, I wanna love her down. She’s so

  12. John Chow says:

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  13. letmehitu says:

    that was cute..

  14. sharlababy08 says:

    LOL dis is hella funny

  15. lilVerdigo says:

    i love it…. she is such a breath of fresh air

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