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  1. demman haywood says:

    I feel like Scott has done that last scenario with his man. I bet he was
    like “Baby! I made you some cookies… Oh no where did my clothes go and
    the cookies are gone! Oh well I guess your just going to have to settle for
    these cakes! ;)

  2. dumplinglady says:

    scott actually gave some good advice haha

  3. Ralph dekeyser says:

    1:32. Best.word.choice.ever.

  4. Kylah Frankie says:

    5:37 watch the space behind them xD 

  5. Khaleesi says:

    You two are such idiots i love it

  6. Mitchell Thatcher says:

    Sharteni yay and ice cream with pickles

  7. Natalia Mcdonald says:

    I love u guys!!

  8. lukcruser says:

    so they are gay?==

  9. Kat astic says:

    I just want to be y’all’s friend

  10. Estelle Gackiere says:

    Dear mitch and scott and others, yes it is april, and it is time for spring
    so read the story called Jeff the killer, and omgosh! it is so freaky!
    anyway, wyatt and scomiche, keep up the good work!

  11. Jude Mulisya says:

    Oh yeah! The Be Your Girl Kaytranada remix is PRETTY cool! #Mitchgottaste

  12. Carol Chiloane says:

    hey am i the only one who saw that girl in back?

  13. Das Erdmännchen says:

    Are they (one of them) gay? (no sexism, just curoious)

  14. Briana BEE says:

    Are they dating?

  15. ExcitablePanda says:

    OMFG IM CRYING ohh no where did my clothes go

  16. 0katiehopes says:

    Why cant i have a friendship like theirs? Uuugh

  17. Angela Ching says:

    Scott- idol

  18. Dylan Seara says:

    I was with my friends in Washington DC and we were face timing these girls
    and one of my friends just takes one of the shot glasses that were in our
    hotel room and just says CHARDONNAY!!!??? And when you said Chardonnay it
    reminded me of that and I was dying laughing.

  19. bearcubz7108 says:

    ok so 3 things…….who the eff is in their hotel room with them?.? Seems
    like Kirsten…omg i’ve never seen scott’s hair so blonde or mitch with so
    much hair lol…and lmfao couldn’t stop laughing, but such GREAT advice!!!
    “oh nooo…where’d my clothes goo??”

  20. Layne Epstein says:

    Scott. Go home. You’re drunk.

  21. abby lott says:

    totally obbsessed with these guys! :0 

  22. Holli Harrod says:

    are both of them gay not aginst it just asking

  23. Jazmine Tuia says:

    I <3 you both… Remind me soooooooo much of my bestie and I! Xo

  24. Doree Hammers says:

    hahahahaa naked with cookies, works every time :D

  25. Resham Chana says:

    Is that grimes in the background? Sounds a bit like grimes…

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