Relationship advice about ex..?:

Relationship advice about ex..?

So me now “ex” boyfriend and I were together 7 months (gay couple). We broke up a week from today, we decided to take time apart to reevaluate things in our relationship, although after the break up he text me saying I was his “one and only” and didnt want to loose me in his life. We didnt exactly see eye-to-eye on everything. Petty things, but somehow managed to let them get in the way of our relationship. Well we have had very little contact until last night. I went out with a few of my friends to a night club. And he ended up going to the same club with his friends. Well when we ran into each other he hugged me, flirted with me a little, then we had a small/quick casual conversation. When I decided to leave and go find my friends he gave me a kiss and said that he loved me and we decided we were going to hang out today around noon and talk a little bit about our relationship and where we wanna go with it. Well later that night I ran into him again and he was bragging to his friends about how he scored some numbers. Knowing I was right there and listening. Well today I go over to his house at the time we had set and he was not there. His roommate/friend said that after the club he had left with an old friend (I know this friend and there are only friends) and spent the night at that persons house and hasn’t come back home yet. So in a way he stood me up, “scored some numbers,” and stayed the night at someone elses house (hopefully his roommate wasnt lying and he really was at an old friends). I guess my question to you is what should I do with our realtionship? I really want him back and he acts like he wants me back, but at the same time he stood me up, got other guys numbers and I pray that he didnt but could of possibly hooked up with someone else last night.. I know we arent together at the moment and if he did then fine, but just the thought of it hurts so much it makes my stomache turn… Any advice anyone??

Thanks for taking the time to actually read this!
It has run across my mind that he is just trying to make me jealous, I know when we were together he was 100% faithful. I had complete trust in that. But think at this point I just gotta follow my heart with out seeming needy or anything like that.

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  1. baby girl says:

    He may have bene trying to make you jealous. But I mean give it another shot if its worth it to you. If he loves you’ll hell treat you right make you happy. If your not getting what u want from the relationship, then end it.<br/>
    baby girl

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