Relationship advice and thoughts?:

Relationship advice and thoughts?

i was at a party with my boyfriend and i kissed a girl. he started to get annoyed after a while because we did it a lot. and then i told him i wouldnt do it anymore if he didn’t want me to, which he didnt. but then i went and did it again, and he break up with me over that because i technically lied. to you think he is being unreasonable?
what should i do now he is saying that he doesnt want me back but idont know if he really means it? how can i get him back or prove to him how much means and that i wont do it again ?

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  1. sunnyxsidexup says:

    No, I’m sorry to say but your the one who’s being unreasonable. Let’s put it this way, would you like it if your boyfriend started kissing another boy? I hope not. It’s creepy and grotesque at the same time.
    You should apologize to him and see if he’ll give you another shot. If not, don’t blame him because (technically) by kissing that other girl, you cheated on him.
    I hope things will go well with the boy of yours, and if it does, don’t do anything like this again.<br/>

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