relationship advice asap plz?:

relationship advice asap plz?

I recently had a baby 10 weeks ago n im on mirena n went in for string check. Also got tested out of spite. The dr called n said i have chlamidya. I ofcourse confronted my bf n he admitted to cheating on me 2 months ago… he says he will do anything to make it better i just dont kno wat to soo angry and hurt. How can he make it better? He got oral from a random chick on his firsr nite out after our son was born.

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  1. TheElite says:

    Honestly I don’t think he is a very good partner then. That is clearly not supportive or loyal. And the baby can be harmed from such actions that he did. You should seek a counselor if you’d like to save the relationship better. You should try to see if he is willing to re-establish his trust with you and he needs to commit more to the child. By him saying he will do anything to make it better sounds like he is committed to fixing things.
    Everyone goes through harsh problems at the wrong times in life with each other. I know I did when I was pregnant with my child and my partner went out every night instead of supporting me. But working together is what counts most. I hope you resolve any tension between you two. Best luck! This is just some advice I shared with you. I hope you stay strong together for each other and the baby.<br/>

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