Relationship advice..complicated situation?:

Relationship advice..complicated situation?

I have been with this guy for a year now despite both of our families hating it, even going to college together. But around a month or so ago, we “broke up” but still played the couple role. He got a girlfriend, who’s a junior in high school that he has known since he was little and his family adores her and she was a great friend of his who helped him through some rough times. All the while we are still doing our thing and i’m at a loss as to what to do because I love him and I know he feels the same but he loves her too.

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  1. Forsaken says:

    This isn’t love. He feels comfort with both of you. He is stringing you along. Move on to someone else. Now, if he comes running, maybe there is something there after all. But it can’t be both of you, it has to be one or the other!!!!!!

    Good Luck!<br/>

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