Relationship Advice : How to Make Your Boyfriend Crazy About You

Making your boyfriend crazy about you is all about finding ways to appeal to his sexuality and desires. Learn how to live out your boyfriend’s fantasies with…
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25 Responses to “Relationship Advice : How to Make Your Boyfriend Crazy About You”

  1. G Travers says:

    In a nutshell the advice given is as follows: be sexually available all the
    time to your boyfriend otherwise he’ll tire of you.
    My advice: if your relationship is based on being a sexual object and
    always open, then your relationship has an expiration date anyhow. 

  2. jenna browning says:

    This is SO STUPID! Why do you put this on the internet!? OMG you need a
    line drawn in the sand, because you just made almost 50% of all people who
    watched this feel uncomfortable… Like you did to me

  3. remi ogunmefun says:


  4. Earl Goldstein says:

    you really should give it some THOUGHT! lol

  5. bornblond9gb says:

    Very good advice!

  6. brianna ochoa says:

    umm any tips for a 11 yr old

  7. TrixyRose101 says:

    Wow..this is terrible..A relationship bassed on sex…FAIL

  8. lester says:

    she’s giving advice for lesbians, not men.

  9. nbmnkjlobvgftr says:

    Asian women looking for dating and marriage **

  10. bestofthebestnow says:

    You seem so fake. Men are much smarter then that. YOU think about it, lol!
    All your advises are so fake.

  11. UrbanCrunkMovement says:

    @ohliviaaful when was degradation mentioned?

  12. chargerdog1 says:

    I love this bleach blond hot mature woman, dark eyes and dark eyebrows and
    fake long blond hair,, what was she saying again, I keep missing that part?

  13. theycallmeparkerroy says:

    @j2415ministries P.S. I can’t imagine you ever get laid.

  14. Ayan888 says:

    LOL This is rubbish! you are basically saying let him take advantages of

  15. Josh Ober says:

    if you never say no to your boyfreind then you get married and EVERYTHING
    is like “whoa! who did i marry?? you used to love doing this”

  16. fsjal1 says:

    and stop nagging too

  17. TheLynnmiss says:

    How is anything really solved by sex? I really got nothing from this. Never
    say no! Yea tried that it just makes them expect it.

  18. Miss Cyanide says:

    We are talking about a boyfriend not your husband -.-

  19. beezy21 says:

    @istanbultravellers big time..

  20. WilliamHCarney says:

    Never date a woman if she does not like what you like. I say that, because
    if she is not willing to try what you like, then it’s a lost cause. Try to
    date someone who is very confident, and likes everything you like. At least
    95% of the things you like. Don’t date a woman who get’s uncomfortable when
    you, as the the father, flys to pick up your child in another state. If
    that makes her uncomfortable. DON’T MARRY HER.

  21. deesukkasz says:

    @freshebook hahah true that x)

  22. candybar227 says:

    i lost my bf just for a few reasons he never asked for sex or any of that
    he made me understand guys want girls to simply be honest to show them they
    love them;, for a girl for once see that guys have feelings also u dnt need
    the whole sex deal just understanding a guy and gettin to know him and love
    lots of love

  23. blazingDancer says:

    gosh does she really mean what she says? do not follow her advice she has
    no idea what she is talking about!

  24. PuppyLove607 says:

    Okay people, this is bad advice, I know from experience that if you give
    your partner (man or woman) what they want when they want they will get
    bored people like a challenge (its human nature) and you want to watch
    yourself because some people are in a relationship for sex only (sad but

  25. Rhianna Crawford says:

    lol “never say no to him” ??? did she seriously feel comfortable saying
    that? honestly and truly? because if you do say no then what? he’ll cheat
    on you? okay i don’t know what kind of advice this is but if you actually
    take this don’t be surprised when your bf only wants sex from you because
    if you are this type of girl there’s more of a chance that he has a REAL
    girlfriend elsewhere who actually respects herself and doesn’t feel the
    need to keep her bf by layin on her back at every opportunity

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