Relationship Advice Needed?:

Relationship Advice Needed?

Recently my boyfriend of 4.5 years and myself reunited after three months of separation. He came back on the pretext that he would change in a number of ways. One, he decided he wanted to have more children (under the right circumstances of course- he has two girls from a previous marriage), two, he was willing to finally take his business in the right direction because at the moment being a realtor is just not working and he agreed to be more affectionate and passionate in the relationship.
Unfortunately, he presently has lost all sense of accountability and is no longer confirming to his own promises. It’s tragic, because so much time has been vested on both our parts and no viable progress has been made.
I live by myself, pay all my bills, work full time and go to school. When he leaves town, he is gone for about a week or so every other week to see his children, mother and brother. On these occasions, he completely forgets about my existence. I have attempted a diplomatic approach, informing him that it really upsets and angers me when he doesn’t call me/text me for an entire week. Am I being over reactive? He insists that he is so busy dealing with “family problems” and tells me that “it can’t always be about me”.
I consider myself to be a very understanding and civil individual but I do have expectations for etiquette. I.e. I cannot live with someone who supposedly cares for me but has no time to make a phone call or send me a one liner text asking me how my day went.
I just lost my patience and scolded him for not being more communicative. Naturally, that didn’t go to well and I won’t hear from him until I make the first attempt at getting in touch with him. I honestly feel like I’ve spent way too much time dealing with this immature, irrational behavior.
Someone please tell me what you think of this situation?

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  1. Carl Marajay says:

    I think you’re just in a normal situation. Most often people tell someone that they love him/her but can’t even say ”i miss you, love u. .how’s ur day?” or show her that she’s important.

    Showing some1 that you care is important. ..also having a communication & understanding in a relationship to lasts.
    If he really love you, being busy or having a family problem is not an excuse. .

    Sometimes we can’t have the things that we want for someone.. You can’t change him if he himself doesn’t or don’t have the courage to change & improve his life.

    I don’t want to say this but. .

    He doesn’t love you anymore.. I’m not here to judge or whatever but base on what i read frm your post..& frm my own experienced. .
    He is not worth 4u..find someone else..

    You deserve to be happy..

    hope it helps. (:
    God bless.<br/>
    Carl Marajay

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