Relationship advice please??:

Relationship advice please??

Ok I’ve been married for about 10 years and I only had one boyfriend before my husband. We were both in our teens and he moved away and I didn’t see him again until many years later when I had met my husband. He never called me during that time after he moved and we never spoke again. When he found out I got married he was really mad and hurt but it was too late already. My husband and I had some problems but now we’re doing good and we get along. But I never completely forgot my ex. Now I just saw him again and find out he has a wife and is about to have a baby and their doing really well financially. I feel bad and I don’t understand why? Do I still have feelings for him? Is this because I don’t have the life he has? Why am I sad about this was I wrong for not waiting or is he wrong for not calling?

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  1. Ekimo says:

    Many time Tara we wonder about the one that got away so to speak. You can’t change the past and yes you may continue to think about him but know that he is happy now and has a family.
    You too are happy now. It’s ok to think about what was in the past but don’t obsess about it. It may be that you are BOTH with the ones you were meant to be with. Try to look at things in a more positive manner. You have a husband you love and who loves you. The two of you have been together for 10 years and that is saying somthing these days.
    Try not to look back and assign blame to anyone, look ahead to the future and just remember the past with fond memories.
    I wish you the best of luck from someone who has been there.<br/>

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