Relationship Advice Please…..?:

Relationship Advice Please…..?

I’m 29 years old, i have children from a previous relationship, but have now met someone i really like, but there is a problem, she is 18 years old.

We have so much in common, she’s very interested, but i have been holding off on taking things further then friends because of the age gap even though i know that we both want more from our relationship.

Oh and before anyone makes any crude comments about bedroom activity, no we havent yet, lol.

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  1. Laura says:

    You are falling victim to what other people think. That is the only reason you are worried right? If there was no stigma about this would you care? No, you would just see a person you are in love with and want to go out with. If it is legal, then you are not doing anything you can get in legal trouble for, that hurdles sorted. However people will still judge you. If that bothers you that there are ignorant people out there then leave this world because they are everywhere. If you want to hear that people won’t judge you and you won’t come up against challenges, well you will always get that and you know it. It will probably only last until she is out of her teens. But if you both want to pursue this then go for it.

    Or are you worried because you feel some moral wrong going on here? 18 is young and depending on her personality and development you could be feeling you are being inappropriate. Well then you probably are and you should stop.

    You also need to think about her own family, does she have male members who might come after you with a baseball bat? If so then it’s best to steer clear.

    You having kids might complicate things, but there’s no reason you should be penalised for this or she should be unhappy, kids are lovely, she loves you, so what’s the big deal? There are many different situations making up society today and who’s to say one is wrong and one is right? It depends on so many things like culture, law, society etc. but this is your life and this is your situation, so do what you think is best at the time. It may not last forever and her being this young she may become attracted to other people down the line and she may also get bored and want excitement, I mean her personality is still developing. But still you can’t live a life only doing things that are safe, as long as you keep your children in mind of course.

    You know all this already, but the bottom line is if you are not doing anything morally wrong an d you both want this then go for it! And yes you will come up against ignorance but maybe if you’re riling up the masses you’re doing something right! Cause there are more ignorant fools out there than intelligent, thoughtful people. Get used to that!<br/>

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