relationship advice!!! please?:

relationship advice!!! please?

ok so i met this girl a few months ago, we went out a couple of times and i told her i really liked her, well nothing happened but i kept telling her that i wanted to be with her,after that we kept on being just friends.
well i just found out she’s pregnant, is not mine by the way, and im confused i really like her and care about her but i don’t know if i should keep trying to make her change her mind even though she didn’t care for me at first or should i just give up, i need advice please!

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  1. BETTYBOOP!! says:

    if you were really sincere to her and she did not say anything, in other words, she did not care to tell you anything, i think you should let her go. She has not been honest with you, since she is pregnant and did not tell you anything about it. Or who knows, if you are really serious with her you mgith want to be straight up and tell her how you feel and ask her to tell you what does she think so you could move on or stay with her..but do you want to be with some who is pregnant by some one else??!!!<br/>

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