relationship advice please?:

relationship advice please?

I’m 25 and iv been in a relationship for the past 7 years. we own an apartment and have lived together for the past 3 years. I was very happy until my boyfriend informed me that he can never see us getting married or having kids.He said he dosent want to break up but cant see a future with me at the moment. Im REALLY hurt. Am I wasting my time and effort staying with him and hoping he will change his mind?

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  1. able339 says:

    Yes, I think you are wasting your time. He is getting a sexual free ride now and I don’t see him chqanging unless he absolutely has to. You need a better MAN. someone who will uncionditionally love and respect you. someone whom you can spend the rest of your life with. Re: your current bf… you indicate that you love him… think about it… do you really LIKE him too? more times than not, it’s easier to love a person than it is to like them… Good luck to you darlin’…<br/>

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