Relationship advice pleaseee…?:

Relationship advice pleaseee…?

I need some relationship advice please, and I will try and make this as short as possible. I met a guy recently and we got on really well. We started texting each other constantly and eventually i ended up in a relationship with him. I couldn’t have been happier when I was with him – he made me feel loved and so happy. However, he started to become distant, and even admitted this himself, apologizing for it. I said its alright and we continued texting, though he was slacking off a bit. At the time I didn’t really notice him becoming distance, but he wasn’t texting me as much as he used to, though he still texted and called me everyday, just not as often in the day. About a month into the relationship he text me one morning to call it off with me, saying he was sorry, but he had lost feelings in me. At first I was shocked and asked why but that was the only answer he gave me. He said we could still be friends, though I didn’t text him at all after that. I was desperate to contact him that day, though I knew that I shouldn’t as it would only cause more hurt. I was so hurt by him and felt so worthless and unloved. One week later he text me ‘Hey’ and I replied a while after saying hey back. we exchanged a few messages, but that was all. A few days later he said Hey again, asked how I was and we exchanged some more texts. That was all and was the last I heard from him. That was three weeks ago now and I miss him so much. I feel so depressed and loved him more than anything.
Continued… I know I shouldn’t but I desperately want to text him to see how he is – I cant get him out of my mind, but I’m don’t want to seem to pushy. I don;t know for sure but maybe it was another girl involved, or at least he thought, or it could have been something else. I want to text him but at the same time I don’t. What should I do? Answers much appreciated. :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know exactly how you must be feeling right now. A similar thing recently happened with me and my ex too. It seems like he still has some connection with you otherwise he wouldn’t bother contacting you. He most likely still cares about you and is checking up on you to make sure you are okay but, be strong because he might only want to be friends. But don’t loose all faith because if you both start being friends and showing him that you are being mature about this situation then it might make him realise what his missing and come straight back asking you to give him another chance. I really hope this situation works out for the best so you can be happy again.<br/>

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