relationship advice pleaseeee?:

relationship advice pleaseeee?

my boyfriend and I have been together a little over 8 months now, and to me we have been through a lot. in the 8 months we have been together, he wrecked his car and didnt have a car for about 4 months, then i had car problems, then we both had money problems, his parents lost their jobs, etc. it seems like just when something gets good (he gets a raise for example) something happens and we are backto where we started. i love him a lot and he has been nothing but sweet to me and a gentleman and ive stuck through everything. but in yalls opinion, does it seem like maybe someone is telling us that maybe we are not right for each other? or are these things brought upon us to make our relationship stronger and test each other? please give me some insight. thanks.

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  1. Susan C says:

    If you’ve survived all you’ve described, you two sound good together…<br/>
    Susan C

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