Relationship Advice : Speaking On Thirsty Dudes !

Speaking On How Thirsty Men Will Get To Get A Female Thats In A Relationship.. If You Like This Video Please Leave A Like And Subscribe To Me As Well It Will Mean So Much !
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28 Responses to “Relationship Advice : Speaking On Thirsty Dudes !”

  1. leek2061 says:

    The truth thanks bro

  2. DAVID Edwards says:

    All I can say is that I have had plenty of attractive female friends that
    are in relationships, I even had one tell me about advice with her man
    because she wasnt happy. She flirted with me a couple of times. I couldve
    flipped the script and tried to hook-up with her. But I didnt because I
    wanted to show that I had respect for her and her relationship. If I cant
    control myself, the girl is too gorgeous than I would give her an
    ultimatium, and break it off.

  3. Dlovely291 says:

    Wow! Right on point. Good video. More people need to listen to this guy!!!

  4. Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst says:
  5. Tony Spartan says:

    Teal! You just explained why my previous relationship failed! Thank you!

  6. Eugene Koshanof says:

    Good relationship advice: love them for who they are and what they are
    right now

  7. michael crowell says:

    Did i just find the best youtube person ever

  8. Frederick Zilfo says:

    Fantastic video… I’ve never had someone explain it so simply and clearly
    as this… I guess, this was the right time to manifest this information…
    Thankyou.. oh and btw, I don’t think I ever cried as much in any movie, as
    Time Traveller’s Wife… I was literally crying through the entire thing…
    never again. :D

  9. Julie Joycauser says:

    I’m watching this because I def need the help lol :)

  10. Nachtschattenblau says:

    NOTE: this also is relevant for the relationship with Yourself. 

  11. CosmicConsciousness says:

    I like what Abe says
    “Our relationships are really about US
    not another”– it really is never about the other person. All just
    holograms of our inner selves.
    thanks for the inspiration

  12. Jonathan Martinez says:

    Priceless Advice

  13. Whackowitch Astrology says:

    Well this just described my entire life. Who else wants to buy my rainbow?

  14. maja MM says:

    Priceless Relationship Advice – Teal Swan:

  15. eman fatih says:

    Hello Teal. I am a new admirer of yours and I very much like your way of
    explaining things. However, I do not always agree with your opinion. OK,
    maybe I should tell you that I am an NLP and Reiki practitioner so you have
    at least a guess of what I would know.
    Now allow me to tell you something here. A woman would love a man in most
    cases for what he is. Men, on the other hand, may very well fall in love
    with a woman for what she could be. Maybe you think “well yea, men are
    stupid”. Maybe so, but I would say it makes sense to see a person’s
    potentials. How can I love a woman and not realize what she could achieve
    if I stood by her side and put my hand in hers and help her overcome the
    difficulties that prevent her from reaching her potentials?
    Maybe your idea of a relationship is a typical woman’s perspective?
    I still respect your opinion, of course, but please do not fall into such
    generalizations. You are much smarter than that 😉
    Kind regards

  16. Gazelle78Sideburns says:

    Hey I just wanted to express my gratitude about all that you have taught me
    and are continuing to teach me about myself, everyone else, about the
    universe, and about my connection to the universe. I find you very
    attractive and beautiful in every aspect of your being. Your beauty is like
    an exact reflection of the beauty of your soul. Every word you say touches
    my heart like water touches a thirsty person. You are by far the best
    teacher I have ever had. I could continue to thank you and appreciate you
    for the rest of my life and that wouldn’t even be enough of how much I
    truly love you and appreciate you. :) 😀 Namaste

  17. XSubachuX says:

    Can you please, please explain what this might mean for long term
    long-distance relationships? I am struggling 

  18. Raluca JOY says:

    thank you for the reminder!! so true ..

  19. Mike A says:

    Teal thank you so much. This really put things into perspective for me. 

  20. Edward Duda says:

    The life lesson of a virgo rising. 

  21. Master-Junker says:

    how can a man be rich without time? Time is the most valuable asset we
    have as human. 

  22. spiritnexus999 says:

    Right on

  23. kensome kelly says:

    That was excellent!!! I learned soooo much. Thank you Teal.

  24. Bonamy Emma says:

    ‘In love with the illusion…’ this makes me think of The Great Gatsby

  25. Leif Christiansen says:
  26. spectral skywalker says:

    We still need to learn this and have our experiences. While it is good
    advice, the lessons are more important.

  27. cornflkeboy1 says:

    So true

  28. Rich Allen says:

    there is nothing wrong with seeing potential otherwise how can you
    nurture and grow together? so really its not that cut and dried but some of

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