Relationship coaching: You, your ex and how to win them back: Learn the real reason why your ex left you. Follow my proven and effective methods to repair … coaching, How to get your ex back)

Relationship coaching: you, your ex and how to win them back is a book dedicated to those who’ve lost their wife or partner and want to understand why and how they could potentially get them back. Inside is a guide that helps you to highlight your behaviour that has turned your partner off and a list of reasons why you’ve been rejected. Even if your partner is with somebody else there is a strategy to put your competition into friend zone and have her running back to you. This book is directed towards men but either sex can use the principles inside, whether you’re gay or straight.

Inside is a guaranteed method to getting your partner back whether it’s been days, weeks, months or even years. You must apply all of the principles and remember that this will only work if your partner really did love you and still has over 50% interest level in you. Even if she has other guys in the background as back up, 95% of the guys out there don’t know anything about women or they don’t know enough to be successful long term. Whoever she’s dating there’ll be a 95% chance that he’ll screw it up in the future.

This book isn’t just a quick fix approach to getting your ex back, it’s about showing you how you’re supposed to act in a relationship, the type of qualities you should possess, the motivation to succeed, drive and be self-satisfied, it’s about being happy on your own first before you allow another to come into your life. You should always have a take it or leave it approach in every aspect of your life, you should focus ultimately on becoming happy being on your own first. Most men try to keep a woman in their life to complete them, it fills that empty gap that they have which should be filled with joy, passion and drive to succeed. Most insecure and needy men come from a place of needing a woman in their life rather than wanting and loving her unconditionally. The principles inside teach you to focus on you and how to become the person you’re supposed to be. If your life isn’t already filled with drive, passion, full of goals and achievements, focusing on yourself and coming from a place of happiness then the methods you’re going to learn won’t last long term and you’ll still get rejected somewhere down the road. You need to follow all the principles in this book if you’re going to be successful long term, whether it be with your ex or the next best thing, someone better suited to you coming into your life and having a long healthy successful relationship with them.

The subjects covered include:

• Why people disappear from your life

• Common break up excuses & co-dependency

• Why men lose their way

• Over pursuit causes rejection

• Let them chase you to prevent rejection

• Relationships that won’t work

• All women subtly test you

• How to friend zone your competition

• Be happy for your ex and move on


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