Relationship & Dating Advice : How to Get That Very First Kiss

In order to get a first kiss, look at body language, make eye contact and be aware of receptive energy. Look for messages before leaning in for a first kiss … The Hottest Beats For Artists & Best Sounds For Producers.
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50 Responses to “Relationship & Dating Advice : How to Get That Very First Kiss”

  1. top china says:

    Smile, flirt thats everything which she is doing. What should i assume? Lol

  2. SpringyLife98 says:

    @capsgrl Because boys are supposed to be dominant I guess.

  3. MineSlot's Assistant says:

    im gonna try to get my first kiss tomorrow with my girlfriend hopefully she
    will let me ps im 11 but dont judge a book by its cover

  4. MirooGamal says:

    why do i have the feeling she is shy while talking about this O.O !

  5. bCHumanBeast says:

    @LHTV1 pull his pants down and suck his dick

  6. TheFunnyman57 says:

    It easy for girls to get their first kiss but guys have all the stress

  7. Killacats119 says:

    yeah why are you asking

  8. datingwomensex says:

    eHow, Keep up the video uploads. Good stuff.

  9. MessyHair01 says:

    @billyunknown hahaha lol.. I wonder what’s the girl’s reaction after he
    fart :))

  10. Trivilian Misho says:

    @capsgrl cuz thats GAY

  11. colindeman1 says:

    @Grapes428 tottaly agree man woman should make moves first :3

  12. Grapes428 says:

    Out of all videos, she is the closest to 100% correct on this one. Guys can
    tell when women want them to kiss them pretty easily. But in reality, the
    majority of guys would like it if women kissed them more. I think women
    should make more moves first though. That way they can complain less if
    they aren’t getting what they want.

  13. lucienbrown says:

    @alice46691xx just do it and if she begins to despise u 4 it then shes not
    much of a friend. every girl is entitled to her guy. or ask who he likes
    more then kinda jist kinda ignore him and like 3 weeks later ask him out if
    his answer is u.

  14. JayJay9774333174 says:

    Y wait?????

  15. 496j9467h4w says:

    im too shy what should i do to get the courage to try kiss her? :/

  16. g mac says:

    @Grapes428 true dat

  17. TDWP1996 says:


  18. Alireza Ghavami says:

    @Honkprelle LMFAO good one

  19. heart9904860 says:

    I really wanna kiss me bf but it always seems awkward whenever we’re even
    talking.. I REALLY wanna kiss but he’s shy.. Should I make the first move?

  20. Kaitlyn Fenstermaker says:

    I just had my first kiss like 2 hours ago

  21. agentrock007 says:


  22. MrFightercat says:

    @yugimoto8991 same here bro dont worry

  23. KriistiinaSayzItAll says:

    lmao.. she kinda looks like she is flirting with the camera guy as she
    gives advice.

  24. The Real Eric Forman says:

    @capsgrl well….because they dont kiss them….i guess…..or they just
    dont try….maby they are the shy ones or they want him to kiss her because
    if not it could ruin their relationship, same thing for the guy on that
    last one though.

  25. KewlMovieProductionz says:

    @crazysox99 You should watch the one by HowCast then.

  26. AugReady says:

    iight let me say that i agree with tahiry. that being said, joe budden was
    funny as hell “that nigga threw out the trash on the first day but he aint
    gettin no pussy!”

  27. KYIRA Snog says:

    She looks just like her sister

  28. Videome123 says:

    5:00 i finally understand where shes comin from. I like Joe Budden, think
    hes a cool dood. But she needed more then what he had to offer. Shes not

  29. Yourrealness says:

    Joe budden is an OG of the game. I respect him. I feel like tahiry jus goes
    round fuckin cause she can. 

  30. Keisha Frazier says:

    i didnt just empty ya ashtray lol

  31. caro bree says:

    they needa stop frontin he dont want her back but hes bashin all the niggas
    she mention

  32. vulcan2050ful says:

    she say she love to suck. lmao! she practice on me anytime with her fine

  33. Tamara Springer says:

    old and insecure

  34. andrej13mkd says:

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    change from being lame to a ladies man. He went from zero to hero. He
    behaved like it was normal for a while. He ultimately came clean on Friday.
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  35. Allof TheAbuv says:

    I love Tahiry

  36. DestinyLynn07 says:

    Lol Tahiry is my bish I fux with her

  37. adams akondor says:

    Tahiry right she made me laugh wit that throwing of the thrash . but joe
    she right am wit tahiry 100%

  38. SeanD44 says:

    She wants him to take her out, date her, as if they first met all over

  39. dumilemzix says:

    i just fell in love with her.. soo real

  40. Slayton701 says:

    They get a kick out arguing to prove their “love” for 1 another i gotta
    keep it 100 as much as i been jacking my dick off to Tahiry i feel like i
    have been with her . Real nigga shit @Kinoshi44htown

  41. Jalner Joseph says:

    As long as she enables, the behavior its gonna keep happening. It don’t
    matter how much you love him or vice verse, she’s going to have to pick a
    position and stick with it or else get ready to deal with this constantly.

  42. TheMichaelHistory says:

    This shit was long as fuck ago and they’re still going through it, smh.

  43. Maria Carey says:

    I def get her you cant just go back you have to start over and make it feel
    new not to mention better!

  44. lovinmusic25 says:

    I love Tahiry ! She so real

  45. tionastar says:


  46. Rena Cannon says:

    Ctfu,he fuckin wit her…

  47. lashaun116 says:


  48. daggakid90 says:

    Joe should let her go. All this back and forth with Tahiry is pointless

  49. jesseniaroman94 says:

    Omg none of you people are any help. -.-

  50. HotnSmart1 says:

    they are so cute together

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