Relationship & Dating Advice : What Men Want in Women

Men want a woman who loves herself, who is independent and who doesn’t mind being taken care of. Discover how a woman being herself can attract a man with ti…
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Being charming is a matter of attitude, smiling and being open with body language. Become a more charming man with tips for the dating scene from the author …
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  1. Helen Monaco says:

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  2. Fiona Addison says:

    Hi All,
    I just came across a video which deals with the one topic we all want to
    know about: What men want in women!

    Personally I think no one will ever know completely 😉 but I’d say Donna
    is getting pretty close here. Watch yourself:

    Relationship & Dating Advice : What Men Want in Women

  3. satya narayana says:

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  4. B E Shaw says:

    No offense to the lovely lady who made this video, who calls herself a
    “life and dating coach”, but since when did a person need a “coach” for
    life .. our greatest lessons come from experience and our upbringing .. and
    a “dating coach” .. PLEASE .. are we that desperate that we’re now throwing
    away money on a “dating coach?” .. Wow!

  5. kcozgrove says:

    Hate to say this but. This woman has NEVER had a problem attracting a
    guy… Blonde hair. Great looks// if she was fat and ugly she wouldnt be
    saying this stuff

  6. sallymora says:

    Haha she said women want a woman….smh

  7. Javier Otalora says:

    i thought she was gonna say sex

  8. kfizzlefazzle89 says:

    she nailed it on the head. I want to love a woman who deserves to be loved.

  9. jawj4291 says:

    She is right about men wanting a woman who is who she is however she does
    not mention that personality is key for some of us. It does not matter what
    you look like if you have a bad personality(controling, i’m better than
    you, it’s all about me) type of personality the list goes on but you get
    the point in these cases the woman reguardless of her looks is not worth
    being with unless that is what the man is looking for in a woman. For me it
    is personality and being willing to be with me as I am.

  10. sexylilrunner says:

    @OrbitalFlames hahaha yess

  11. Anti Law says:

    (continued)….Then she will be back for more! I gaurantee you! Women are
    all about how you make them feel”! Remember”=Men are LOGICAL-Women are
    EMOTIONAL”. Them are the facts bud! Now go fuck as many women as you want!

  12. zerosevenpro says:

    all men want in a woman is sex..

  13. Dheni Hasani says:

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  14. ruudjebest says:

    @ThePeniswrinkle12 your name wont help

  15. psychokinrazalon says:

    @zerosevenpro Not true.

  16. Jerry Hess says:

    @alanden Good theory: here’s the problem. She’s not telling you what women
    want, she’s telling you what you as a MAN want. Yes, a woman is telling you
    what a MAN wants, the most ass backwards way of finding out I’ve ever
    heard, but who cares she’s getting rich off this bullshit she’s spreading.

  17. Saira Jack says:

    @thyrael41 i don’t agree with her other videos but honestly i think she is
    right. loving urself does not mean being selfish just taking care of
    urself. ur health and ur finances. like not hating urself or loving urself
    so much that u do not have any room for another. simple.

  18. Abdullah o says:

    @C3P0meetsData yes lool

  19. prasad katreddi says:

    You will know that infuriating situation when your good friend (who’s been
    a loser for a lifetime) gets an incredible girl to fall in love with him
    in, like a couple of weeks? Yep, that basically materialized. I know I
    should be happy however I would prefer if it was me. He stated he learned
    from the Cupid Love System (Google it). I would like to hide out inside of
    a cave at present.

  20. Elliott Cooke says:

    Well, probably their genetalia.

  21. Caitie K says:

    I noticed it too xD

  22. psychokinrazalon says:

    Go to my channel and read my profile to learn what men generally look for
    in women.

  23. mba2ceo says:

    men want hassle free sex !!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. TwoTouchpro says:

    you kind of people make this stupid tips u talking like your good looking u
    look like a dirty spoon

  25. Liteboyiam says:

    this is true! here’s my suggestions: don’t be jaded enjoy the now… not
    just some idea of a future. have passions – thing’s you love to do and be –
    an interest other than him

  26. Ed Gill says:

    this is the most retarded advice I have ever heard.. seriously? moving your
    head to make your eyes twinkle… gotta catch that reflection no wht im

  27. Oliver Ferris says:

    wonder how much pussy this guys had :)))))))))))

  28. Jason D Chen says:

    LOL love how you watched more than one of his vids

  29. Stephen Frist says:

    How…DO….you…become, charming…

  30. Abhishek Bourai says:

    you smile like a DOG!!! lol

  31. tazzydevil1962 says:

    Peter Fondas Brother ?

  32. REIGN131 says:

    @usafhk well…. then you probably faild with 90 percent of the women youve
    tried to date, let alone approach.. OUCH

  33. artdjmaster says:

    Smile, move your head so the light catches your eyes in a twinkle, say
    hello. Couldn’t be more easy and I’m going to try that next time I go out.

  34. relationshiproblem says:

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    still new and you can ask your questions there! thanks

  35. Remedy says:

    Being old means he had experience.

  36. funkmasterchimp says:

    i googled “dog smile” and i’m pretty sure he’s wrong.

  37. TimeKing2 says:

    alot of trolling here xD cracks me up

  38. SmoothJoe4 says:

    ahaha nice robe mr. charm should teach us how to be a creeper

  39. kkevin369 says:

    trite advice

  40. und3ri0ath says:

    your just another one looking to act big. Im dumb? how about you learn how
    to spell “school” before you call anyone names. Dont think i fall for
    bullshit, but when he says smile and be open when you approach a girl, he
    is right, its basicly commen knowledge. I can already tell you dont get
    play, just by the way you type. good game kid.

  41. owl jones says:

    Seriously, is this a parody?

  42. PiTaBoI94 says:

    @LunarMonkey Are they not?

  43. Aaron richard Dionila says:

    im macho but i dont use my machoness as an advantage or show off but how
    come when i smile to people like on the train or in the streets they give
    me that ” whose this guy or why is he smiling at me or what’s wrong with
    this guy” kind of looks, and when they do that i get so shy or

  44. TheXboxSmartass says:

    Only difference he would probably do a better job of telling you how to
    pick up a boyfriend rather than the opposing sex.

  45. AmandaS1974 says:

    Just a note: being too charming is definately a turn off in my book!

  46. MrKomz1 says:

    You can make your eyes twinkle… moving your head.

  47. liliana sandoval says:

  48. ninjastormns says:

    138k vids HOLY SHIT!

  49. youtt ube says:

    I think to be charming and get real ladies in bed is 1. burn those cheek
    fat 2. be compose 3. stop starring and start admiring. 4. you dont have to
    burn others ppl retina in eye lock competition. 5. be muscular, not on
    steroids 6. be silent and let her lay little stress to hear you and here’s
    a secret apply some cologne on your neck. its all about attitude, and
    lastly drop all slangs and use real words.

  50. mobspeak says:

    I feel like punching this guy in the face

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