Relationship Problems | Advice

Just my opinion on some questions I was asked online to do with bad relationship situations – I am not saying my answers are GOSPEL! Just trying to help some…
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  1. Whisper Whitley says:

    I just got out of a unhappy relationship, and I am so much happier. We
    broke up once before, and I regret getting back together because nothing
    changed. We still had the same issues. I’m moving on and becoming a better
    happier person (=

  2. spinemelter2000 says:

    You’re a really positive person. Life would be better if more people were
    like you.

  3. Güzel Sançar says:

    What I want to know is…I’m dating a Spanish guy, he comes from a Muslim
    family…but he’s about as Muslim as most Spanish people are Catholic, but
    he has his wants, sex being among them, and whilst he hasn’t hinted
    anything about it and has said he won’t force anything, I still feel bad
    for not giving him anything for his patience, and I’m afraid sooner or
    later he’ll get pissed off with me and leave. 

  4. SuperAnnaanna1 says:

    I’ve found your channel recently and I can definitely say you’re the best
    beauty guru. It is not only how to apply makeup or do morning routine, it
    is about your AMAZING and SHINING personality. By nature I’m a bit
    pessimistic and have sad outllok on life , but your videos help me to stay
    positive. Thank you so much! 

  5. Glenn CoCo says:

    Sam, I really look up to you. You are such a positive person and your
    friends, family and bf are lucky to have you in their life. xxx

  6. India heart says:

    I love the lip stick she has on , By any chance can someone tell me the
    name of it?? 

  7. Heather Crutchley says:

    I just realized today that my ex that I left in july is a sociopath. He
    matches every single sign.

  8. HijabiTalks says:

    Please talk about long distance relationship. I am in one right now.. We
    dont communicate so much and i dont know what to do. I love him, but its so
    hard when he is not around.. We have talk a lot about that i want him to be
    online more, but he just keep ignoring me sometimes.. He always have an
    excuse, but I just dont know if he is telling the truth :/
    Help me please.
    And I love you so much!! <3

  9. Nina93 says:

    Jason!!! where’s ur boy friend did you guys broke up? 

  10. twiiigs says:

    What happened to you and Ricky?! 

  11. Mariellen de Jesus says:

    The best and safest way to leave any abusive relationship is to leave
    silently . When the abuser is NOT HOME . Don’t tell the abuser that you’re
    leaving , don’t hint it in ANY way . Just leave . Don’t contact anyone
    other than someone you absolutely know you can trust when you are safe .
    Also , ask God to give you wisdom and guidance .

  12. revealtheheart says:

    really lovely video. im just getting out of a very unhealthy relationship
    and this is just a great reminder to stick to my gut and take care of
    myself :) I feel like we all need a boost especially when it comes to
    emotional heartbreak ect. and a reminder that we are worth more than
    disrespect, and we all deserve love and healthy relationships.

  13. Cici Anderson says:

    AHHH omg I love her accent !! Haha

  14. StylesbyGinny says:

    I just wanted to say that the fact that you get emotional from giving
    people advice and saying that you want them/us to be happy, makes you such
    a sweet and good person. I think that you have a great way of thinking
    about life, very realistic but you also seem to believe in the goodness of

  15. Marta Avonto says:

    I love you Sammi you’re so right!

  16. Kawaii Potato says:

    Do you think you can make another video about this? It’ll be really helpful

  17. Maureen Petrocelli says:

    You’re so sweet and genuine, glad you made this vid! 

  18. beautyrose says:

    Please make more Videos like this

  19. happykawaiiday says:

    I love your advice!!

  20. Tamara Holloway says:

    This was amazing, thank you! Just what I needed! :)

  21. Yesenia_22 says:

    Such a great video, only 6 minutes into it….and I can relate to a lot of
    the advice you are giving!

  22. unicorn stampede says:

    I love how she’s got a perfectly lovely british accent and then suddenly at
    13:34 = “umm ain’t nobody got time fo dat” HAHAHAHA

  23. Angie B says:

    this was extremely helpful. actually helped me see myself from a different
    could you do a video on friendships? with girls and guys. they can be so

  24. gingerglitter4ever says:

    UM 13:35 MOMENT “ain nobody got time for dat” HAHAHAHA so amazing!

  25. Jess Britton says:

    Your eyeliner is beautiful

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