Should I Try To Get Back With My Ex Or Should I Just Move On?

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42 Responses to “Should I Try To Get Back With My Ex Or Should I Just Move On?”

  1. Dan Mar says:

    very good advice, but oh well…i got dumped because of “lack” of
    communication like a couple of weeks ago (after almost 4 good years and the
    bads)…and so she didnt know what to do but to end it, at this time im
    already at the point of…MEH! after hitting my head against the wall she
    built in between us after i tried so many times to get her back, i guess im
    already into just moving on.

  2. Joe Branch says:

    My girlfriend broke up with me on New years. I’m broken, confused, and
    recently got really sick and almost died. Everyone tells me its not my
    fault, but I dont care I want her. If i could just see her one more time…

  3. Lalo Garciaa says:

    you have really help me please contact me i’ll love to shere some things
    hope you can help I even think she did something ,because I cant
    sleep,think,work,eat,go out,this is killing me.

  4. Tobias Luken says:

    This video excacly describes what I feel, my logic tells me to move and so
    do all my friends but in my mind I can’t possibly forget her, all I can
    think of all day is her and wanting to be with her. Even HER friends tell
    me to move on. I don’t get why I love her so unbearably much, its the
    greatest but at the same time the worst thing cause it hurts so bad every

  5. Rebecca Soto says:

    There is supposed to be a Money Back Guarantee! I’ve emailed and called
    several times for a refund, but no such luck. $67.00 down the drain…boooo

  6. Matthew Gillespie says:

    This was so boring. Went over the same stuff over and over again. No
    offence but very depressing. Had to stop halve way through. 

  7. Martin Simon says:

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  8. Gil Zuniga says:

    Hi Kevin! My ex broke up with me about a month ago, we lived together for
    about 2 years. When we bu she left the house and fell into a “crazy college
    girl phase”. Going out and drinking everyday, I understand she was hurt. I
    did everything wrong at the beginning. All this time I was trying to call
    her and text her and see her, I was desperate and I begged and over
    reacted. After a three weeks she was willing to meet up for a drink, in
    this date I played it cool and we had a fun night. We even kissed and
    hugged. a week later she came back to our place and confessed to me that
    she was screwing a guy from her work(I already knew this because he was
    driving her car). Now I understand that we weren’t together and it was
    completely a rebound for her, nonetheless I was hurt and irate. She spent
    the next three nights with me and we had a good time reminiscing the good
    ol times but then I had to leave town for work and after I came back she
    was leaving on a camping trip with her parents. She came back today to pick
    up all her stuff and is moving back home with her parents to another state.
    In the few conversations we’ve had she has said she loves me, but she needs
    to change things, she needs to do her for a while. She said, and I’ll
    quote: “Well the bottom line is I want to work things out. I’m still
    moving, that’s not up for discussion. And I don’t think that you’ll ever
    treat me how I want to be treated. So that being said I don’t know what to
    do. Because given our history the only things I want in my life are our
    good times. I think our life at home and how you treated me was crap. So
    I’m torn and I’m not sure if you can be the person that treats me how I
    want.” she later said she would plan on moving back if I showed her I care,
    and she changes some things about her. I have indeed sabotaged the
    relationship before with my actions(never cheated), and we had poor
    communication. She always kept things to herself, and hasn’t really told me
    what she wants from me. She did however said, that with the right changes
    she knows I’m the one for her. Sorry for the long message but I wanted to
    give you the specifics. She wants me to show her that I care everyday and
    make her happy, yet she wants to do her and needs space?? What should I
    do??? Now that she is gone and all her stuff is gone(she left a couple
    dresses) should I start the NC right now? To me it seems like she forgets
    things, then as soon as she sees me everything is rekindled. I understand
    she needs time to forget the bad memories, and she even suggested I go out
    an find a rebound myself. She is very confusing and I don’t know how to
    approach this situation. When she came back today and saw me she said: “Now
    I remember why I don’t want to leave”. At the end we hugged and she let a
    couple tears out, I told her everything was going to be ok and I was here
    for her. We stared at each other, kissed and hugged and reinstated that we
    had something special. She is driving back to her home state as I’m typing

  9. MisterLuo says:

    The hardest part in not being able to move on and always trying to give
    yourself that little hope that she will come back to you one day is because
    we cherish the happy moments together. Once we break apart we find
    ourselves always looking back at the good times and memories, thinking and
    making ourselves believe that no one else on this planet would make us feel
    the same. We can’t let go because of these memories and all that’s
    happened. My ex dumped me from a three year relationship. She found another
    person right away and left me he only person trying to keep the bridge
    alive. I can tell that right after she finds this new guy what we had
    didn’t matter anymore and even if I starve myself or couldn’t sleep she
    didn’t care anymore, I know that once I find another girl I would be just
    the same, all the emotions I have right now might just disappear just like
    how it did with her, but at the same time I find that to be terrifying.
    Once you have moved on, does the past, all the happy times not matter
    anymore? Right now it’s just me keeping our memories alive. Once I give up,
    will this 3 years, all those stories and memories, just end, forever?

  10. Alexandra Cristea says:

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  11. Dylan Ogrady says:

    everything in this video is what i just did tonight

  12. AdinC33 says:

    Everything hes says in this video is so damn true and its exactly what im
    going threw and feel at this moment in time :-/ love sucks :-(

  13. HRMLESSGUPPIE1 says:

    im going to try it and see what happenes i hope your right 

  14. Ellie Burns says:

    wow you are saying everything that im going through right now :( every word

  15. whatshallwedonext says:

    i’d do anything to get my ex back :'( literally anything!

  16. vardhan singh says:

    my ex is with some else and we had a relationship for 6 years and i want
    her back plz help me .. plzz

  17. magicguygaming says:

    perfect video

  18. TheBooban says:

    Yeah, why are they so cold and don’t give a shit afterwards? If I broke up
    with someone I’d be as gentle and helpful as possible. I owe it to them.
    Just talk and talk until you’re exhausted and there are no more questions
    so you can move on.

  19. Kev Kong says:

    What happens if your ex had sex the guy she’s seeing n tell you she misses
    you and still want to hang out after a 1.5 yr break up she does stuff with
    the guy 2 weeks later 

  20. joel pettersson says:

    hi man! me and my girl have for a long time had allot of problems and i
    have for a long time cosidered breaking up with her, but today she broke up
    with me and i felt it as a relese that i didt have to hurt her feelings,
    she seead it werry nicly and i we are not angry at eatch uther, i have more
    time to do what i want and i dont want to get her back, but still i feel
    sad that its over, we fought allot and had a bad time together but still i
    feel like its a shame that we diede… i just want to hear if you have
    enny tips for me to you know get over whatever i amfeeling. we ware
    together for 1 and a half year, we are bouth 16 years old and for bouth of
    us the first real relationship. sorry if i spelled something wrong o if
    you allready made a video about this and allso i want peuple in the
    comments to tell me what thay think. tnx allot!

  21. Tamara Johnson says:

    My ex said if we did go back out were going to be moving to fast &.. hes
    not ready to for a relationship again.: ( i think he is making up an excuse
    because i know deep down he still loves me.

  22. brandon starr says:

    First break up right here. And all i can say is. I am confused.

  23. icantstandyou22 says:

    This video is exhausting 

  24. Wolfwolveswolf says:

    Nope, my Love wasn’t good enough, frig her! All they want is MONEY, 6 feet
    or more, and a 24/7 entertainer.
    Get a Dog and find hobbies you like, unless you like self inflicted pain,
    cause that’s all a Man is ever going to get from a woman.

  25. gen lama says:

    My ex dumped me for a person with better career, degree n same religion
    ….she realy loves him ….its been almost 4 years still its hard for me
    to forget her …any help will be highly appreciated.

  26. Kacey Kovac says:

    Thank you so much for making this series. I have been going through a
    difficult breakup that happened because of life factors getting in the way
    rather than the relationship itself, and your videos have been giving me a
    piece of mind as to how I’m going to make it through.

  27. bzalka23 says:

    You haven’t uploaded a video ever since ):

  28. Rattikarn Chumprom says:

    does ‘move on’ always mean getting together with someone else?

  29. Arlene Terry says:

    Have your ex CRAWLING back to you…?

  30. IgnoreMyName says:

    We had 4 years this upcoming july. I cannot eat, sleep or do anything. She
    was my entire life.

  31. seanpierpont says:

    @ Eric Cain ….Lol

  32. mtber75 says:

    Dude get a better hair cut!

  33. John Bramhill says:

    so the first part of the question is “should i get back with my ex” the
    answer……NO! and the second part is “should move on?” the

  34. Jeremy Shepard says:

    my girlfriend wanted to move out and i begged and convinced her to stay for
    3 weeks things went up and down one day we felt happy the next day terrible
    then finally she really left me it has been around 2 and a half weeks and i
    have seen her 3 times and called her a good amount and text her a good
    amount yesterday i went to her new place and said i just want to talk for a
    couple of minuets and that i had some of her stuff so i went and everything
    was going great until she brought up not wanting to date me for at least 6
    months and i acted dumb and we both argued and it ended with me yelling out
    of my car window saying fuck you and your fucking up and i hate you so i
    drove off crazy and almost crashed i stopped turned around rang her
    doorbell and her mom came to the door and i said i am sorry and im not like
    this because im really not i told her mom i am hurt and i hope your
    daughter is ok tell her i am very sorry and i talked to her mom about being
    hurt because she went through a rouph 25 year marrage to divorce over her
    husband leaving her we talked and it was great then i went home and then i
    text her and gave her a big apology and said acted like a fool and that i
    was hurt and that would be the last time i text or call her for a long
    time. I LOVE HER i know all the problems we had but i just want to grow
    past them and start a new relationship one that isnt so demanding anyways i
    thought i would share whats going on for me and if any of you guys are
    feeling down im with you i have been doing research on how to get my ex
    back and its all bull shit this video has been the best one that i have
    come across. Reply to this if you have any advice my focus right now is to
    get as healthy as possible and happy and to focus on friends and school but
    eventually i want to talk to her again maybe in 8 weeks i know she needs
    space but it just hurts my body feels destroyed i have lost 8 pounds and i
    just miss her she means more to me then anything else. Also she left me
    saying she loves me but isn’t in love with me and she said there isnt
    anyone in the picture and she said she wants to be independent and she was
    to be able to think for herself … so there is no drugs alcohol or
    cheating involved 

  35. Diosa22 says:

    I’d like to thank you for your articles. Im currently conflicted because my
    bf of 5 years (first bf, first love) asked for space. In your other video,
    you advised that you dont try to get them back. But in this video you
    advise differently, that you should at least try once. I’d really like to
    hear from you. Thank you and godspeed! 

  36. Himanee Datta says:

    We broke up 1 year ago…at that time i was kindof okay..i missed him but i
    was fine to be free so…moved on… i had a mental emotional
    breakdown and i miss.him so much…idk what happened and its been 1 bloody
    year! I was over him wasnt i? Why didnt i feel anything for one year?? I
    couldve saved out relationship maybe earlier but now?? Idk what to do..m a

  37. Suki M says:

    this was really good. I broke up with my ex for a week ago. And it has been
    tough on me beacuse she found a new guy and told me that she felt she was
    in a prison with me. I want her as a friend, but i dont think that we are
    suitable since when i was with her i was always thinking if there is
    someone else for me. 

  38. Sean Thornton says:

    So Kevin if you get this message I really really need help 

  39. lil9974 says:

    Thank you a lot you read my mind ” fish in the sea” bro..!!!

  40. dylan charles says:

    you took the thoughts right out of my head

  41. Anne Knathknit says:

    He said He didn’t love me. He said I had to move on. He said I had to find
    someone new. But I’m stuck here. lost all the inspiration and energy. I
    woke up with all the heavy weight down in my heart…and sadness seems to
    be my best company right now. I still love him.

  42. Chris Card says:

    Im 16 and i know its only a high school relationship but we loved each
    other everything was honestly great we would fight but she knew and i knew
    that at the end of the day it just makes us stronger and we can just get
    through it ….. Did i forget to mention we live in different towns,
    yeah… Well we would only see each other once a week or when we can we
    would always talk and we actually haven’t seen each other for 3 weeks but
    we would still talk she started acting diffrent as if she wasnt so into me
    anymore and i called her and tolled her whats going on and she said she
    doesnt know if she loves me anymore i tolled her i lost feeling just a
    little ( even though i didnt) because if i tried being sweet or flirt it
    would be ignored so that hurt but idk she would say she didnt know what to
    do and she doesnt know how she feels but as soon as i said i lost feelings
    for her just a little she said we should just brake up, i said il miss her
    and always love her and she says sorry, i call her the next day and shes
    just so heartless she spoke to me as if i was some stranger just the way
    she sounded not what she said , i asked her why didnt she tell me she was
    losing feelings for me so i could of saved this relationship and she says
    “idk it just hit me that we shouldnt date” please help idk what to do i try
    talking to her only to be ignored 

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