Stephen King On Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, Lovecraft & More (55:51)

Stephen King speaks on a number of topics and takes questions from students, faculty and others in a “Master’s Class” before a bigger event at UMass Lowell. …
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25 Responses to “Stephen King On Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, Lovecraft & More (55:51)”

  1. spatzhawk says:

    man is he ever gonna talk about shades and twilight?? what a stupid
    misleading clickbait headline. what is this shit. It’ll probably be 1 or 2
    side remarks for a laugh and that’s it. fuck this video

    edit found it. 48:28 until 49:58. not even 2 minutes total. shame on you
    Mr. fraudulent headlines.

  2. Christopher Knox says:

    Stephen Kings books makes better movies than books. 50 Shades of Grey was
    porn and simply crap. Twilight and Harry Potter was good enough but could
    of been far better done.

  3. Brandon chilian says:

    stephen king looks like a pedophile. hes so weird looking.

  4. jhon doe says:

    50 SOG = white women trying to make there masturbation an art form

  5. Marla Singer says:

    They made the poor guy stand for an hour? Isn’t he like 60 or so?

  6. Snakefist Ah Fu says:

    Steven King is in “Master’s Class” on anything? did he apply to attend one?
    his ‘mastery’ is, so far, seen in earning the most cash with least talent,
    even craftsmanship.

    Not that Twilight (read parts, bad writting, watched movies with some
    disguist) or 50 shades of grey are good – they’re terrible – but it is *not*
    like Steven King has any rights to protest against bad literature – his
    best works are MOVIES, and majorly because directors like Carpenter or

    HP Lovercraft is on a totally different literate level – oh, Mr. King
    forgot little things he ‘borrowed’ from HPL, or “i’m just a little scare
    boy”, which he prefers not to give credit to Mr. Bloch

    Oh, and character development – guy whose characters rarely have two
    dimensions (to clarify – typically they have one) – don’t listen to
    anything this guy have to say. Really. I’ve suffered my way to enough of
    his books to be at least acquainted with his way of… writing (though it’s
    basically not exclusively literature, see Mr. King prefers to have
    everything he writes also paid by Holywood – it doubtlessly affects
    negatively any quality which they may possessed – by likely not).

    He’s just jealous he didn’t wrote Twilight, thought it’s so afwul – there’s
    lots of money in it, and that’s what motivates Mr. King the best.

  7. John Balfour says:

    I read King in high school, starting with his short stories and some of his
    novels. It’s writing that is fine as a guilty pleasure, but only in
    adolescence. After that age it only serves as mental masturbation. I saw
    this vid and was just curious to see what he said about Lovecraft. It’s
    ironic that he takes jabs at him, as King’s best stories copied Lovecraft’s
    ideas and style. King accomplished fame by dint of volume, basically
    screaming very loudly through number of words. Unfortunately screaming
    doesn’t make you an opera singer.

  8. Patrick King says:

    If you really care about 50 Shades and Twilight it comes in 48 minutes into

  9. Margie D Casados says:

    *~Inspired Writing and the Development of Story~*

    Stephen King shares some raw insights~
    I found this video to be fascinating and very interesting..
    Some shared thoughts on how stories are born~creative imagination in words
    is always in style.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy.. .

    #stephenking #writers #writerslife 

  10. DragonOfTheLake ✯Escritor de terror✯ says:

    50:13 Come on! The Dark Tower isn’t necessarily literature?! I respect your
    opinion Mr. King, but those books are nothing less than literature, plus

  11. EvilKris says:

    He’s very likeable. Wouldn’t mind Steven King as a neighbour, he seems the
    kind of bloke who’d start chatting with you at the end of his garden and
    would tell you all kinds of fascinating shit about the local area. I know
    that’s a kind of random thought there, but that’s the vibe I get. 

  12. InTheNameOfJustice says:

    Fifty Shades of Grey should be renamed Fifty Shades of Shit. I read it and
    could not believe it had ever been published. Someone must have been
    thinking it would “empower” women if they published it. Man, that is badly

  13. MadamPluto says:

    At the end of February, my very first novel will be published here in
    I can barely wait.

  14. Emmanuel Ray says:

    Steven, king is a genius, when it comes to book writing.

  15. Mason West says:

    Wow. Great talk! Thanks Stephen King for being you and for all the
    wonderful time I’ve spent reading you. (And for all the time I’ve spent
    watching movies based on your work.)

    Thanks Andre Dubus. I love your stories. You’re a chip off the old block
    who stands in his own right and light.

    Thanks UMass English for posting this.

    (Sheesh. That sounds like an acceptance speech. I just liked it.)

  16. Charlotte S. Nielsen says:

    Stephen King talks to students about Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey…

  17. J. C. Henry says:

    i agree that the tag is misleading. It should be Q&A on Writing. Overall
    I enjoyed listening to Stephen King talk about his process. Not everyone
    can have the success he has had and I don’t think it is possible these

  18. Gd Snuff says:

    How ironic, I’m currently reading Mr. Mercedes……

  19. anthony kent says:

    Lovecraft 51:27

  20. John M says:

    That professor keeps chiming in. He’s mic’d really loud, and it scares the
    heck out of me when he starts up. 

  21. ThirstyTrout says:

    Wow, his insight on Lord of the Flies was mind-blowing. I never considered
    any of that!

  22. Cordelia Brown says:

    You actually read Fifty Shades of Grey? How could you? I read page 1 and
    was so disgusted I threw out the book (that I never bought, I picked it up
    in a used books bin.)

  23. carlos zambrano says:

    i hear something like 50 shadows and twilitght is porn to not readers or
    something like this, terrible best sellers.

  24. Michael Strickland Idaho says:

    #Stephen #King #Writing #Books #Writing

  25. the dude says:

    i got high and read running man, like not the whole thing at once but like
    from time to time i would but i kept fogetting what happened the last time
    i read it, and i didnt wanna read back so i just went on,i was so lost it
    was terrible. im sorry if you read the first line and thought i was gunna
    say it was awesome to read stoned cuz it wasnt, i dont even remember what
    it was about, actually i dont think i even read it at all. idk im fucking
    really high right now shit i typed alot im gunna st

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