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Relationship coaching: You, your ex and how to win them back: Learn the real reason why your ex left you. Follow my proven and effective methods to repair … coaching, How to get your ex back)

Relationship coaching: you, your ex and how to win them back is a book dedicated to those who’ve lost their wife or partner and want to understand why and how they could potentially get them back. Inside is a guide that helps you to highlight your behaviour that has turned your partner off and a […]


How to get a Guy to Propose to You in 365 Days: Dating Etiquette & Relationship Coaching For Men And Women (Law Of Attraction & Love)

Did you know that giving the right signals to your man, may start him thinking about the idea of marrying you? Discover quick and easy tips on how to get a man to fall in love with you and secure the much coveted marriage proposal you want from your beau within the next 12 months. […]