Taryn Southern – Top 7 Songs for Getting Back at Your Ex – ISHlist 5

Breakups suck! That’s why Taryn Southern is counting down the top songs for getting back at your ex, including “So What” by Pink, Britney Spears’ “Womanizer,…


26 Responses to “Taryn Southern – Top 7 Songs for Getting Back at Your Ex – ISHlist 5”

  1. MultiCapitalcity says:

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    *happy together. And because of those intimacy text, my boyfriend*
    *was really ignite to our relationship back. Really highly recommend*
    *this to all.:))*

  2. pelsng tenzin says:

    how about “fuck dat bitch”

  3. rebecca marion says:

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  4. bassel Ak says:

    I was waiting for I Don’t Love You by MCR to pop up but gives you hell is
    better :P

  5. Andra_El says:

    i agree but it was a good video :)

  6. shadyboy says:

    i love you!

  7. watchoutforthatcar83 says:

    Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake!

  8. Cristina Acevedo says:

    I love Taryn

  9. momomieke says:

    Before he cheats is soooo my song

  10. Brenna Genthe says:

    picture to burn by taylor swift

  11. My Nightmares Are In Korean! says:

    hello Alanis Morisette!

  12. melo13melo says:

    Bust your windows by Jazmine Sullivan. my favorite line being: “You broke
    my heart, so I broke your car.”

  13. Steven Armando says:

    GSY – AVERY. BEST REVENGE EVER. My EXfriend pooped her pants when I sent it
    to her.. revenge is the best thing out there.

  14. SunriseOnViolet says:

    That was a really good list, BUT I do think Should’ve Said No by Taylor
    should’ve been on that list. It would be perfect right after Before He

  15. Sarah Parsons says:

    shouldve said no- taylor swift

  16. DUCKHUNTER64 says:

    I’m starting to realize that I’m only watching these videos because she is
    so sexy. The quality of her videos has been on a slight downward slope.
    Since she’s gorgeous I will watch anyway :/

  17. Samantha Smith says:

    picture to burn- Taylor Swift

  18. Nyako Neko says:

    Well that means ice cream makes me stronger…right?

  19. 48vip21 says:

    Fuck you- Cee-lo green

  20. childsfan999 says:

    “Should’ve Known Better” – Sick Puppies. Just a friendly suggestion :)

  21. joyce marie says:

    ‘Wish you Were here’ Avril Lavigne

  22. GothicAngelz852 says:

    You should have My Give a Damn’s Busted by Jo Dee Messina. The best Breakup
    Song Ever.

  23. TheLiteraryWhore says:

    I miss Buck. :( What about You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette?!?!?!
    There’s also Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift, This Little Girl by Cady
    Groves, Don’t Bother by Shakira, and I guess Every Time You Lie by Demi
    Lovato cuz it’s sassy. :)

  24. Jonathan Polin says:

    I’ve often used Tim Minchin’s “If I Didn’t Have You” as a rejection song:

  25. Mannou Chan says:

    OMG what about 2ne1 – I hate You ? I mean THAT’S SUPPOSED BE N1 !!!!

  26. Sophia Katherine says:

    This is awesome! You so have me seeking revenge

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