text messages to get your ex back

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  1. David Norden says:

    Get Your Ex Back Right Now – Watch the full video at ◄

  2. David Norden says:

    +Diana Bustillos I would just tell: ” Hey I saw you with your friend. I am
    doing fine. How are you today ?” and wait for his answer. If he want to get
    back with you, you’ll see it at his reaction. Certainly DO NOT make him
    negative remarks, and also don’t act as needy, you have you own lofe now,
    but remeber the positive moments, and would like to give it another try. If
    you need more advice, follow the link in the description below the video.

  3. Teresa Davidson says:

    Look at your own behavior! .

  4. David Norden says:

    Fill the gap. If you struggle with neediness, you’re probably a little
    lacking in the self-esteem department. You might be looking for your ex to
    make you feel better about yourself, but the fact is that you are the only
    person who can really do that. You shouldn’t base your happiness on someone
    else. It makes them feel guilty, obligated and eventually, resentful
    towards you >> << P.S. If you want your ex back and
    don’t watch this, you’ll kick

  5. sebastian dubin says:

    I miss here so much it hurts, I think about her everyday. . I feel stuck.

  6. diana bustillos says:

    Hi, i need an advice. i saw my exboyfriend today for the first time after
    we broke up. he walked next to me, but i was so nervous that i act like was
    in using my phone. he was with a friend and i hear he said hey in a silnet
    tone, but didnt do anyting. is good if i text him? and if i text him what
    should a say?

  7. Coltan Riessland says:

    What do you have to say?

  8. Suraj Trivedi says:

    i am now days going through with dis programe.. and here the situation is
    very intense like i cannt live without her and following this so that she
    can be mine soon ..i hope mike’s idea could hv fr me too

  9. Aubrey Santos says:


  10. simon kaype says:

    get your ex back today

  11. Elin F. Kimber says:

    To return back to your ex, proven a great program.
    I definitely recommend that you review. .. This program is both for male
    and females.. 

  12. jerro19711971 says:

    the title is miss leading

  13. scheryl dantes says:

    @Bossing *Thank you so much for sharing me that wonderful program…We are
    back together because of the program. Seems like he’s getting more
    addictive to me. hehe.. I kinda like what he doing now. :)*

  14. Tima1090 says:

    He wouldn’t talk to me at all for almost 2 months That appreciation text he
    text back n an hour. Omg. It works. !!!!!

  15. David Norden says:

    It is not the sexual attraction the most important part, but he should do
    things for you to get involved emotionally, at a minimum try to find some
    activities to do together, and share the fun again, also try to avoid
    negative feelings. Study the course and take notes about the good moments
    you had together to get again these strong feelings together, click on the
    link below the video to learn more on how to get back together..

  16. David Norden says:

    Getting your ex back doesn’t need to be complicated, but people do tend to
    make a few wrong moves because they’re reacting upon emotions rather than
    using logic and sense. Michael Fioré course is wonderful . Just follow the
    link in the description of the video to learn more

  17. 1001Dante says:

    why else would people watch this video?

  18. msmusicmaestro61 says:

    at the beginning of this intervuew Michael says how you can text your ex
    without using sex talk. but then later on when the trxts brtweenvthe couple
    in the audience is shown it totally contradicts their original point. in
    this day and agr trxting your loved i think depends on your relationship
    with that person and how comfortable you are with that person.

  19. Paul Yost says:

    My wife broke up with me 3 years ago because of emails I sent to another
    women who I never actually cared about. There was no getting her back and I
    know inside that she was i t it. I also know that if I sent the message he
    mentioned at the end, she would say ‘yeah, I saw that show too.” :-(

  20. How To Get Your Ex Back says:

    thanks for how to get your ex back video. just subscribed!

  21. Aaron Weiss says:

    Peopleget out of relations all the time, usually because a big pain point
    for one of the partners was not resolved. Beeing a couple means also that
    you solve these pain points and are able to compromise. But this course
    really helped me and my girlfriend to get closer together

  22. HTC2971 says:

    This is stupid. Most relationship experts don’t even have a boyfriend or

  23. afkllp1 says:

    How you getting on with it now ???

  24. Aloha says:


  25. mobileappcreator says:

    I think texting is a good way for me to get in touch, certainly when I get
    emotional, since I can think twice before saying something

  26. huladancer09 says:

    So did this work? I didn’t cheat. I made a mistake of speaking to a guy I
    used to see from my past with no intentions of cheating, I’m just not that
    kind of person. We broke up once because of that reason. Constant fights
    because he was keeping me on surveillance. Second time we broke up, he
    found an old diary I wrote about past ex-boyfriends which sent him to the
    edge. I want to salvage my relationship with him. He just has serious
    insecurities issues.

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