Text Your Ex Back – 3 Texts You Should Never Send More super cool Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back texting tips and techniques can be found here. Love it!


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  1. semiramis says:

    Never give up! Even if your situation seems hopeless.

  2. Lilly Wayne says:

    >>>>So many people go crazy when their partner breaks up with them and it
    never works in getting them back. You want to be attractive and desirable
    in their eyes don’t you?

  3. Audrey Samantha says:

    Agreeing to everything your ex says is not going to bring them back. *In
    fact, it’s only going to make your ex respect you less. Nobody wants to be
    with someone they don’t respect.* And even if they do come back, they will
    leave shortly realizing they have no respect for you as a person.

  4. Destiny Cross says:

    Ive looked up every thin but it all uses a phone I dont have his number and
    a phone

  5. Smurf431 says:

    They are an ex for a reason….move on….

  6. Arturo Amare says:

    This methods that helps me to get my ex back..
    This program is both for male and females..
    I would recommend it to anyone. Good luck guys.
    Please visit h*ttp://bit*.ly/textyour_exback

  7. Christopher Walker says:

    Shelby Rozanne are you being serious?? 

  8. Andreas Vida says:

    the best text is the one that is not sent. become a happy person – throw
    away your phone. today. 

  9. Dennis Mackey says:

    …heres another helpful hint: NEVER text the dude who ran off with your ex
    with these words: ” Have fun with that mole riddled bag of cellulite!”
    if u do…..u can kiss your ex goodbye for good….trust me.

  10. Rachel Hanan says:

    this is hilarious lol

  11. Jill T. says:

    I think maybe its possible that we are just dating the wrong guys and
    rather then trying to “win” them back we need to figure out what the prize

  12. Kami Neko says:

    lol people are backwards, so if i txt this:
    “hello my friend, i really would like to talk to you” – they will think
    “needy and desperate, keep away”. but if i txt this:
    “i don’t care about you anymore” – they think “ok, now i want u back”
    Maybe there is a point that i am completely missing, but doesn’t this seem
    a bit strange?
    So it would follow that people want/do the opposite of what people actually
    want. does it work for yes and no as well? won’t that be fun.

  13. MikaMouse says:

    Oh gosh what have I done…no wonder… Haha I’ve done all these txt

  14. Namo U says:

    I want another chance but I’m exchange student. I’ll go back to my country
    this May and he’s four years student here, in U.S. I heard from his best
    friend that he doesn’t love me anymore but he likes me more than friend. I
    did terrible things to him. I was selfish because I have a little time left
    so I was trying to be wth him as much as I can, but I forgot to understand
    his feeling. Then, he broke up wth me during spring break.. I’m trying to
    search for the way to make him love me again, but I’ll be here until May..
    I’m not sure I should buy this program or not. Don’t get me wrong I’m still
    love him and want to have a relationship wth him.

  15. firerabbit811 says:

    i text my ex but i know he’s not coming back to me because i left him at
    the altar. he said he wanted to marry me and i said i wanted another man.
    he told me he was going off with another woman, and i said “ok, have fun
    with that.” I miss him and part of me wonders if i could have existed in a
    marriage with him even though i sometimes HATED having sex with him. But
    the sad truth is that I am insane and will likely commit suicide. And for
    those of you who think that makes me a horrible person, I say: I DON’T

  16. TheWaynelds says:

    What if I don’t want my ex back?

  17. Buen Día says:

    I already made these mistakes, I wonder if I can still get him back?

  18. Kittrina Cole says:

    A bit confused. . . If their your ex then shouldn’t they be in your past? I
    mean really obviously there was something wrong in the first place. I’d
    just leave it alone. 

  19. Isaiah Twumasi says:

    wait…how did i get here

  20. Online Dating says:

    great video

  21. blondecai wins says:

    No offense but you sound like Roger Craig Smith xD

  22. Juliette Prowse says:

    EX means move on to something better

  23. Estelle Westad says:

    Best video

  24. Cynthia Ballard says:

    Its a great tip but..
    i’m not a fan of texting an ex just to win him of her back though it helps
    communicate but i really do prefer to talk to him/her personally..
    just use text like, if you want talk to this place or so…

  25. spdzodzo says:

    why would anyone want ex back? it’s as pathetic as this video

  26. Amy Campbell says:

    i dont know why i’m watching this.. i’m in a relationship. 

  27. Therese Danuco says:

    wow! great tip.

  28. Loganmyboobear says:

    Kiss hand 10 x say crush 15 x post 2 vids and tomorrow is best day ever

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