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  1. semiramis says:

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  2. Lilly Wayne says:

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  3. rodriguez6583 says:

    *you dont have to do such crazy things to win her back **+Anteelah Phebus**
    *was really ridiculous! haha. What you really need to do is just to have
    *intimate boosting text and make her minds incorporate all the happy
    *you have when you were still together. Believe me, she will come back.*

  4. Karen Fountain says:

    I understand to ‘no contact’ concept , but I’ve never been a big believer
    in the ‘absence makes the heart fonder’ theory. My ex left me for someone
    17 years younger than I am – I”m 55, she is 37 and he is 48. She’s cute,
    younger, blonde, bigger breasts, etc. Crazily though, in her pics she
    looks a LOT like me when I was her age, even down to a small scar between
    our eyebrows. If I flatiron my hair and darken and accentuate my eyebrows
    the same way she does, we still look a lot alike. We were together 8+
    years, never fought, never broke up, could finish each others sentences..
    then I walked into his house one Saturday morning, obviously unexpected,
    and found her clothes every where in the living room, with a box of
    Tiffany’s earrings sitting on top of her underwear, red roses in vases
    everywhere, wine glasses from the night before, champagne glasses from that
    morning, rose petals up the stairs and down the hallway into the bedroom
    and candles everywhere….all the things he used to do for me. He says he
    was a coward and didn’t have the balls to tell me ahead of time, that he
    tried but couldn’t find the courage and ‘right words’. He seems genuinely
    sorry that he hurt me so much, but he is still seeing her (she lives 2
    hours from him). He says he doesn’t know why he was unhappy enough to want
    to leave and do that, but he isn’t ready to ‘try to piece things back
    together’ right now. He says he doesn’t really know what he wants. He
    calls me some and takes me out to dinner some, but wants me back at his
    house after sometimes. He only sees her on average once every 2 weeks or
    so, but I know he FB messages her every day. I don’t know what the best
    thing to do is. I’ve never , ever considered repairing things with someone
    that cheated on me. I guess I truly love him.
    My problem with the ‘no contact’ is that for 6 years I was very tied up
    taking care of my mom so she didn’t have to live and die in a nursing home.
    Then after she died last June I was working very hard and was very focused
    on getting our property (I inherited from her) ready to sell, it’s been an
    astronomical amount of work for me alone (no more family) and I didn’t
    spend very much time ‘taking care of’ and paying attention to him. I guess
    I left the door open for her to come after him (which she did all summer
    with provacative pics and comments on FB) and stroke his ego, make him feel
    important and desired more than I did. The ‘no contact’ thing just makes
    me think she will be his only good memories and memories of us will only be
    that I worked all the time and didn’t act like he was important and I loved
    him anymore. Which is what he has mentioned a couple of times……
    Any advice from you men on here? Help, please….I am so heartbroken and
    miss him so much….

  5. Digital Products News says:

    This texting method really does work! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Reika Akimoto says:

    I did something crazy after he said break up with me 2 weeks ago. What I
    did was so wrong, I punch him, I got drunk and tried to kill myself in
    front of him which he hated so much n scared about me. And I said something
    about his relatives really made him cried and felt so bad. But he still
    catched up with me another day, that day, I changed, I stayed calm and told
    him I felt so sorry about what I did, and I understood and accepted his
    decision. He said he felt I turned back to a smart girl and he said we
    could go out next week if I wanted to. For the next week after we broke up,
    he said we could go movie, but at last he said we only go for dinner
    instead, I accepted and went to dinner with him and he asked not to see
    each other that often, but we can still text and phone call. The day before
    yesterday, I sent him my photo and text him I went to beach, and he replied
    ” that is good” and “cute (my name). I think things are going okay, but it
    would be better if I didn’t show my care and miss him…. I think and
    afraid he is into another girl now… All I can do is start the NO CONTACT
    rule from today, and then tried another step to get him back.

  7. Øpir Northri says:

    Grow up people.

  8. keith sherri says:

    sounds like mind games to me and would probably just make them mad.

  9. Phillip Haley says:

    how to:
    Her: Hey
    you: go fuck yourself
    just try it.

  10. miss reynen says:

    >>Can this work online as opposed to texting? My ex is a thousand miles
    away. I tried some of Michael’s texts…I also said Happy Valentines
    day…Got Happy Valentines back and that was it..Since he left in November
    I have been getting mixed messages..He will message me only if I message
    him first…I feel stuck :>>

  11. TheAicha57 says:

    Can this work online as opposed to texting? My ex is a thousand miles away.
    I tried some of Michael’s texts…I also said Happy Valentines day…Got
    Happy Valentines back and that was it..Since he left in November I have
    been getting mixed messages..He will message me only if I message him
    first…I feel stuck :(

  12. lion heart says:

    i have no chance to get my ex back anymore no matter what text u send :(

  13. alice murder says:

    im gonna try it

  14. Pedro Fraga says:

    has this process worked with anyone?!!

  15. How To Get Ex Back Review says:

    @ pinkdlipstick The 60 day no contact rule is the most important step if
    you want to get your ex back. It’s self explanatory and completely free
    too. If you can’t afford any help guides do 60 days of no contact.

  16. Rui Dracopoulos says:

    i was relay sad, but it was withe time i saw how much i relay loved her,
    but she said i was history, and she never wanted to talk to me again :c

  17. Ali Alsaeedi says:

    Ii don’t know how i end up here ;/

  18. Rui Dracopoulos says:

    if thes dosent work i give up :

  19. J Alvaro AL says:

    this is crap and doesn’t worl, or work if what you want is a sick
    relationship. What u have to do after a break up is to have no contact for
    at least 3 weeks

  20. radek woj says:

    did it work?

  21. lifeslegund says:

    my ex and I have been broken up for a few days now. I tried the messaging
    him trying to explain thing and trying to get him to talk about it with me.
    Didnt work he wouldnt even read my messages. Then he finally did and
    replied and I got him to talk to me as friends but that same night i got
    him to come talk to me about our break and he was uncomfotable with it but
    he said we would still talk as friends but now he wont read my messages
    again How can i get him to read them so i can try this method

  22. lifeslegund says:

    y 3 weeks and then what?

  23. neonrocks09 says:


  24. pinkdlipstick says:

    can I find this for free? please, you are probably going trough the same
    situation than me and you understand how I feel, but a don’t have a credit
    card, if I had I would totally buy it, but I don’t and I need it

  25. grozz98 says:

    when we were going out she said i was the only guy she has ever had strong
    feelings for. so please can someone help me right now if i think of more
    things i will tell u please help thanks.

  26. Mirani2 says:

    “Never ever ever ever give upp” -winston churchill

  27. lifeslegund says:

    after that we text the next day like friends until he went to the mall with
    his friends who don’t like me and after that he hasn’t replied to me but he
    has read my message even though all I messaged him was how was the mall. I
    really believe his friends are telling him not to talk to me and to just
    move on. He told me he wants a break because he is afraid we will fight
    again and break up again and hurt again. if I buy you program can I expect
    your methods to really work? how can I know they will

  28. Maureen Catle says:

    what if he’s not love me because i broke his heart? do u think he come back
    to me ? u think he’s love me too?

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