Text Your Ex Back – My Honest Review on Text Your Ex Back for more on text your ex back, and also a FREE 5 Step Video Course which shows how to get your ex back fast. If you decide to text your ex back…


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  1. David Norden says:

    Your review is really good, it is very important to learn why your relation
    failed in the first place, so you can solve those problems and find the
    right reasons why your ex should go back to you, see also my review by
    looking at my profile.

  2. Selin Singh says:

    Thanks for the review.

  3. Stefany ditza says:

    I understand of your situation. I love *Text Your Ex Back*. It makes me so

  4. Hairy Neck says:

    If I’ve been dumped, I NEVER text my ex. She can text me and I’d respond,
    but I would never do it first.

  5. Steve Mahy says:

    Awesome video and good thoughts!

  6. Jesse Apodaca says:

    I’m on day 7 of the 30 days of no contact and it’s so incredibly difficult
    to not respond. She sent 3 today and I’m worried that she’s not gonna want
    anything to do with me after the 30 days is up. I hope it works out for me
    as it did for you Jennifer.

  7. Text Your Ex Back says:

    Text Your Ex Back – My Honest Review on Text Your Ex Back. What To Text To
    Get Your Ex Back. Text Your Ex Back By Michael Fiore.

  8. Boguslawa Cacko says:

    Nice Video

  9. Eunice Meginnis says:

    Good video!

  10. Alicia Pearson says:

    hey… i have a website and I am putting this product on my website. I am
    going to use it in the page. Just wanted to let you know. I can send you
    the link to the website in a message if you would like to see it. thank you
    for an awesome review!

  11. Derek Taylor says:

    Jennifer you made an excellent video there…congratulations.

  12. V2DHEART says:

    a pretty girl like you wouldnt have any problems of getting any guy back lol

  13. Mor Di says:

    Really helpful video, thanks a lot for this! I was looking around the net
    to find a review when I found your video, really helped me to decide. I’m
    just on the first part of it now and so, I just have to wait, be patient,
    and cross my fingers! Thanks again so much for this vid xx

  14. cparky121 says:

    great vid, and hey you are cute!

  15. JoeGrizz13 says:

    I’m gonna try this out.. really hope it works, I miss her soo much :((

  16. TheTemplateZone says:


  17. GunsThatShot says:


  18. XLOPTEASX says:

    loove it

  19. Derek Taylor says:

    Thanks Paul, but it’s my EX that wants me back…that was just a reference
    to a youtube joke video I did.

  20. Jennifer Engel says:

    That is soo true .. thank you for your honest review. So happy to hear how
    your life has changed and is so so much happier with j x

  21. Doina Roman says:

    awesome loved it

  22. heiko babi says:

    subbed and liked! This was a great vid

  23. QUINTEN stoner says:

    thumbs up all the way

  24. Deondre Anderson says:

    I NEED HELP!!! (note i was dumped by my GF) So i did the 30 days no
    contact, strangly she would write me randomly not saying much but just
    proding to see what im doing within this time… i actually waited 6 weeks
    before i sent my first across the bow text. she responded Semi-positivialy,
    semi netural. I ended the convo and was goingt to wait 3 days to send
    another one. But its been 1 day since i ended the conversation and she just
    Sent me Pictures of this new Hair style she got! WAT DO I DO

  25. teetoo labalaba says:

    the rumours. i think D was using this text your ex back system!! to all
    guys , looks last only so long but a woman’s character is for life. D was
    selfish and maipulative. i married J and i am so happy. treat your gfs and
    bfs with respect and be honest. make effort to be romantic . do not take
    abuse from anyone no matter how much you love them.

  26. James Francis says:

    nice job with this

  27. gartat farsels says:

    how long did it take to make this. Its incredible

  28. Getting Your Ex Back says:

    You need to try and stay in touch with her by texting her small sweet
    messages that will make her miss you more and more. If the feelings were
    ever there, then this will make her want to get back with you. I had a
    breakup with my GF and nothing worked, Tried it all. I had a friend of mine
    that showed me a program of text and I followed it and it worked GREAT. You
    may want to try it. Check it out at Get Romance Back | Re-Ignite Your
    Partner’s Passion and see what happens. Good luck

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