Text Your Ex Back Scam??- A Customer Review

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9 Responses to “Text Your Ex Back Scam??- A Customer Review”

  1. Nancy Capps says:

    Wanna back your ex? Free Presentation Shows You How To Use Simple Text
    Messages To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Literally At The Push Of A

  2. Audrey Samantha says:

    Your instincts will tell you that if you just agree to everything your ex
    wants, they will come back. *Your instincts will tell you that your needs,
    your values, your desires, your goals don’t matter.* Your instincts will
    tell you that the only thing that matters is to get your ex back. And for
    that, you can sacrifice everything.

  3. Jonathan Macas says:

    @girl Thank you so much for sharing me that wonderful program…We are
    back together because of the program. Seems like she’s getting more
    addictive to me. hehe.. I kinda like what she doing now. :)

  4. Jacob Fontenot says:

    This a SALES scam. A way to profit off of vulnerability. I have been a
    sales coordinator for a while now and seeing the way they say things is a
    way to feed on the hopeful. This makes me laugh. For the honest and the
    people who want something more; paying for information instead of asking
    friends and family is the wrong way to get things right. Think about there
    are about 7 to 8 billion people in this world. She/he wasn’t meant for you
    because they couldn’t go down the path that you were meant for. Life
    doesn’t make sense sometimes, so don’t ask for help from an outside
    source. Instead look inside of you and ask yourself what really is
    important. “Stay single until someone actually compliments your life in a
    way that makes it better to not be single. If not, it’s not worth it.
    Stay strong because no one was made to fit your shoes, and make your
    decisions. that’s up to you. You got to remember why things went south,
    instead of what they could have been. Like I said this stuff is
    total BS. They just want money off of something that is common sense.
    Have faith in the time of darkness, may you walk alone. There is a reason
    why you fall down; there is something down there you were meant to find.

  5. Efronbaby11 says:

    Are you paid to say this or does it really work?

  6. Joy Silva says:

    WHAT did YOU do to make your ex walk away?

  7. Dezi Patel says:

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  8. TextYourExBack says:
  9. Text Your Ex Back says:

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