Texting To Get Your Ex Back

Texting To Get Your Ex Back How To Get A Ex Back? If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve probably heard of big sports stars, politicians, and teenagers g…

Do “love texts” cheapen romance? CNN’s Kyra Phillips talks with women’s health blogger Danae Matthews about it.

4 Responses to “Texting To Get Your Ex Back”

  1. hsubhii says:

    @dgotidp Getting them back isn’t that hard. You have to play the situation
    right. Watch this to learn >

  2. n000bd000d says:

    Her eyebrows…

  3. elysianfury says:

    how did that woman ever get allowed on tv she can barely speak I don’t want
    that flakey bitch representing my generation. mass media does this on
    purpose. dislike

  4. Aaron C says:

    So one sided. it is all how it is done. You still can make mystery. You can
    still play games.

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