The Active No Contact Rule: How to Get Your Ex Back and Inspire Their Love and Affection

Breakups are never easy. It doesn’t matter if you were together for a few weeks, or a few decades. When a relationship ends, it can be heartbreaking.

If you are interested in saving your relationship and getting back together, then this book is for you.

Most people have heard of “the no contact rule” for getting your ex back. However, there are quite a few problems with the conventional no contact rule that you may have heard about else where.

This book is a refreshing new look at how you can make the no contact rule more effective at getting your ex back.

Whether you’ve tried the traditional no contact rule before with disappointing results, or you’ve never even heard of the no contact rule, this book is for you.

You’ll learn:

– Why traditional no contact is so ineffective at helping you get your ex back

– What it really takes to get your ex back

– What you can do to take the whole no contact process from a passive endeavor into a more active action plan that is more likely to get you results

– Why doing the most counter-intuitive thing in the world could actually save your relationship

– Plus much more.

If you’re ready to start taking action and doing whatever it takes to get your ex back, then this book is for you.


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