The best way to get your ex back – Ask The Dating Coach

Click here for In this video we discuss the best way to get your ex back.


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  1. Catherine Alex says:

    >>>>>>>>there are so many things that you can do to get back your ex. And
    on the other hand there are also so many things that you can do to push
    them away further……

  2. Broadway says:

    IM sorry but I didnt find her advice any more than simple common sense.
    Saying sorry and taking responsibility and fixing the things you did wrong
    is sort of out of every girls playbook. Also listening to her? Duh. Adam’s
    advice is much more classy/ non-needy and still keeps attraction and
    dignity for both parties.

  3. Luke Barker says:

    Who the fuck would want their ex back… They are an ex for a reason.

  4. TheMalikTwins says:

    The best thing to do is decide that completeness and happiness doesn’t come
    from outside sources. SHE doesn’t make you complete. You were the only
    one giving her power. It doesn’t belong to her. 

  5. gerafm03 says:

    why girls sometimes are rude when talking in facebook? and what can i do
    to have better interactions with her?

  6. Matthew Oh says:

    How do i get over the “butterflies” and nervousness before and when i
    approach a girl that im interested in? I always end up not approaching her
    at all or i freeze up and dont know what to say 

  7. PCProphecy says:

    Addam, I’m glad to see how this video turned out. (1) It was lengthy and
    informative; I hope more videos in the future are similar, if not better
    than this one. (2) I understand that you aren’t exactly being paid to
    answer viewer questions, but it would be awesome to see a lot of more
    information added into them. Instead of 2-3 minutes, perhaps 8-10 minutes,
    even if the question seems like an easy fix. Thanks in advance for reading.

  8. Amcr Freekick says:

    Nice new haircut an beard fixed, great (y)

  9. chavamma says:

    So bro did she get it? ;-)

  10. sSunbeamM says:

    but girls that i consider will tell me bullshit that i did wrong! what
    about this case? i am so shure she wants to make me feel guilty for wrong
    reasons like a usual shit-test! … really!

  11. aloha475 says:


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