The Break-Up Bible: The Keep Strong, Let Go And Move On Guide

If you’ve ever felt lost in the sea of contradictory heartbreak advice and all you want to do is to find a way of moving on, putting your ex behind you or getting him back for good, look no further than the “The Break-Up Bible”.

Here are just three of the reasons why you need a copy of “The Break-up Bible”:

1. Break-ups hurt.

Whether you initiated the break-up, or you were dumped, they still hurt.

This book will help you make sense of that hurt, and use it to make you stronger.

2. Break-ups leave you angry, confused and heart-broken.

Want to learn how to control your rage and the temptation to beg your ex to see you?

This book will teach you how to let go, how to move forward and how to heal a broken heart.

3. Break-ups happen for a reason.

Will you get back with your ex, or won’t you? Should you call him, or shouldn’t you? This book will help answer these questions and many more, creating a wiser, happier you.


1. Why no contact always works and how to implement it, even if you’ve been going round in circles and still phone him.

2. How to survive a break-up from hell including over the internet.

3. How to put yourself in a ‘warrior mode’ and how to handle the news that your ex started dating.

4. Learn exactly what’s going through his mind when you stop calling and what it does to him.

5. How should you act if he wants to get back together.

6. Adopt a different outlook on men and dating.

Follow me on the journey through a break-up, learn how to avoid becoming a Facebook stalker and find out how to deal with his first text or phone call after the split. But ultimately discover how to set your own priorities and how to take care of yourself.

“The Break-up Bible” is brutally honest, written by someone who understands the pain and the frustration of a heart-breaking split. Its message will empower you, and you will know by the time you reach the end that you will never make the same mistakes EVER again!


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  1. jennifer smith says:

    at last i get it 0

  2. ILOVEBOOKS says:

    Gentle Advice for Tough Situation Breakups are bad. Whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, one is just as bad as the other…just different types of feelings. Always, a breakup is hard. They are hard for everyone involved, even other family members and friends of the couple. The book has realistic advice and was obviously written by someone who understands the breakup of a relationship. It helps to understand that its not all gold that shines. For example when you see your ex happy on Facebook after your break up, well…

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