The Ex Solution: How to Get Your Ex Back Before They Leave You Forever

The Ex Solution is a fresh but proven approach to getting and keeping an ex back in your life. There are no secret “tricks” or gimmicks, just practical strategies that have been known to work time after time in bringing back an ex partner.

Adam Connor has stripped out the fluff and filler and gets right down to the core of the issues with his unique take on relationships and life. This book will take you on a journey of self discovery which will ultimately create the perfect conditions for drawing an ex back into your life.

It does not matter why you broke up or how bad it has gotten. This is a REAL book that provides REAL solutions to show you how to get an ex back.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Adam really nails this. I was in a desperate situation before reading this book. My lover of 6 years was hinting at breaking up for months and I just blocked it out until searching for self-help books that could help our relationship. Adam’s work has been a true inspiration and I can happily report that not only do his suggestions work, but they’ve worked so well that I’ll be marrying my special lady friend later this year. I couldn’t thank this book enough for putting me back on the right…

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