Tony Robbins – Breakthrough Relationship

Tony Robbins Relationship Breakthroughs – Tony shares about coaching, personal development, and inner strength.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hope I don’t sound ignorant. Just wanted to express myself. RAW and unedited. Just freely speaking from my heart. How it should be.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. joshi lokks says:

    Awww ur is burp cute…good advice too

  2. Amanda Choukier says:

    I need some serious relationship advice. 

  3. joshi lokks says:

    Ur burp is cute i meant lol

  4. Hailey Arnold says:

    Sooo TRUE

  5. Nicole Richmond says:

    this dude looks hiiiigh A.F.

  6. Entrenosoutravez Marcin says:

    gostei de vc tuas músicas… mas ksksk cara de pau né? arrota na cara de
    gente e fica por isso mesmo rsrsr mas ta de boa msm! abraço mr.Marcio

  7. wegotdafunk8 says:

    he is gorgeous

  8. Christina Yousif says:

    As u can see so many girls to chose from but I never seen anybody say they
    love u cuz I do But the only thing is I’m just trying to stop and I’m Not
    100% sure they u will say it to me! Sorry I’m really not Trying to be rude
    but I’m just this is how I feel. I will hope U understand u have girls
    where ever u go but all I love to see is U keep a smile on ur face and hear
    me out I miss I still had my sweet Loving mother she based away when I was
    only 10. In the end no feel them

  9. Fernando Rodriguez says:

    Lmao His Eyes Are Red……… Hes Faded ^-^

  10. Meriem BYNON says:

    Let’s get it out there. I’ve just come to be really green with envy towards
    my brother. He has been available for life. By some fluke, he has got a
    model to love him in no time. Just how is that even manageable? He laughed
    and said he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone
    wonderful told me they loved me… I’ve not before seen him so cheerful.
    Kinda makes me feel bad.

  11. Carrol1225 says:

    Couldnt agree with you more! I grabbed the program and i did what it say
    and was able to open the door to his heart in away i was never able to do
    before. It was really a big help. Anyway, i think you got the site name
    mispelled. That should be:

  12. Elsa Mae Moosomin. says:

    yes he’s the only good one out there.. lol

  13. durina quintero says:

    Advise is good

  14. Mike Hawke-Hertz says:

    Is he the only perfect boy on this planet!?!

  15. explodingcowsgomoo says:

    He has a really sexy voice.

  16. Jasminee Bieber says:

    Do you have to be so perfect?

  17. lenabug16 says:

    Marry me <3

  18. Jeannette Ochoa-Sanchez says:

    i know its cliche, but ur perfect <3 ur soo inspiring and the reason why i
    want to give it my all here at UCLA.. :) P.S. im a pretty average looking
    girl so if ur ever interested, im always gonna be here waiting for u :} I
    wish u the best in school, ur job, and ur music… ! Love, Jeannette

  19. Elsa Mae Moosomin. says:

    oh my gosh, thanks.. i totally loved the words you spoke about. i believe
    that too, that i’ll find someone on the way to the top. cool cool.

  20. Charisse Gore says:


  21. magdinka1 says:

    give me ur number be bether

  22. Rosebias1 says:

    Your such an amazing caring person ! Our generation needs more people like

  23. gl0ria94 says:

    wow.. basically made me cry :( you are right in all angles you touched with
    your advice. you’re a great person Joey, amazing.

  24. neneraiha says:

    EVEN YOUR BURPS ARE CUTE!?!?! how is this possible!?

  25. TheDanielle Langi. says:

    its so cool how your so comfortable infront of the camera(: its like your
    actually face2face talking to me.

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