trying to get ex back need mega help?:

trying to get ex back need mega help?

ok im trying to get my ex back. and i really love her. her mom called me last night at 10:37 when i was sleeping i was half tempted to yell at her and complain that i was sleeping. she called me and told me that her daughter really does like me but is scared of being with me because i might hut her(and i agree) i wrote her a note explaining that i really do love her and that i would do anything to get her back(it was 2 pages front and back front and back) and that no matter what i wouldn’t hurt her. i really miss her. i want her back.
my ex is the type of girl that when things like drama and crap happen she needs her space and deals with it her own self. i told her that when it got like that she can call me at any time to talk and let her feelings come out. she told me that she didn’t like me anymore as a boyfriend. but when i talked to her best friend she told me that my ex still likes me and is happy with me but is scared to go back out with me because i might hurt her. in the note i told her that i wouldn’t hurt her at all, emotionally or physically because i really care for her and love her. we only went out for about 2 weeks and i love almost everything about her. but what gets me when i look at her is her eyes. they hold everything that a person is thinking and wanting. i have a trick that when i look into a persons eyes i can almost see what they are feeling, and sometimes thinking. and i really do love her.
by the way….im 17 going to be 18 in september. and she will be 16 next febuary.

all her friends and even her mom wants us to go back out and want us to be happy. but she is very complicated. and very hard to understand. i miss her alot and i want her back. i love her with allof my heart

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