VLog Second Life Break up of a 2 year relationship – I am very hurt and distraught – Part 1 of Many

I cant hold my tears any longer My tear flow out unvoluntarily i wish the damn things would stay in my face So I can look like I am fine- but Honestly im fal…
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35 Responses to “VLog Second Life Break up of a 2 year relationship – I am very hurt and distraught – Part 1 of Many”

  1. MoonlightTrucker says:

    Omg.. try to separate sl and rl. Im in sl too.. but you Sounds very nice..
    so try to find the right way.. and try to separate. . Both together wouldnt

  2. jafarjasminefangirl says:

    I play Second Life too. And I’ve had my heartbreaks too. Anyway glad
    you’re happy now.

  3. Kawaii Ivy says:

    Friends, espeically crushes come in and go like seasons so im srry for the
    break up. Hope ur enjoying life a liitle bit better. Also what it ur name
    on second life?

  4. Ivan Maxwell says:

    My advice…get out of second life and get help, not trying to sound mean,
    but it’s the best for you…trust me, it’s not a game by the way.

  5. Corn is Best says:

    Your cat 3

  6. Riz Vicious says:

    There are no mentally sound people on SL.
    Absolutely none.

    Case and point.

  7. ArkStudioVids says:

    yeah … this is why I do not do SL romantic relationships that trail in to
    RL.. I do not have a problem with playing like your dating.. but never take
    that crap in to RL… SL is fun.. I have met a couple friends.. but most
    relationships in that virtural world are nothing to most people.. The thing
    with some people in SL is people take it so seriously when so many others
    think of it as just a game.. and think nothing of the relationships they
    form in SL.. Sounds like to me that your guy has a bit of issues anyway..
    someone who gets on your ass about not getting on SL because you went to
    spend time with your RL friends has issues.. and would likly ended in a bad
    way if it had come in to your RL in a physical way.. There ARE
    relationships that work out that start in SL.. just VERY few.. be super
    selective!.. I say dont date anyone on SL unless you had been their friend
    for quite a long time.. and make sure ppl know SL is a SECOND LIFE and will
    ALWAYS come SECOND.. and RL is your FIRST life and will ALWAYS come

  8. Eve Again says:

    There are some very romantic places in SL and it’s very easy to get swept
    up in it all. A live singer, a romantic dance, and before you know it
    you’re falling for someone. I feel for you, Lisha, and I can totally
    understand where you’re coming from, but it’s a dream. Lucky for me that it
    is, if I did the same things in RL that I do in SL I’d have been spirited
    away by traffickers by now. Keep SL and RL apart, inworld relationships
    stop you having fun.

    As soon as they want to take it into RL, end it. I met a guy when I was
    still a noob and gave out too much real life information, and one day he
    appeared at my RL workplace to “surprise” me. Needless to say I freaked and
    eventually called the cops to get rid of him, he was a total psycho.
    While SL for me is more than just a game, still it’s a fantasy, a world
    where you can create anything you can possibly imagine. Treat it as such
    and have fun with it.

  9. appietjappiee says:

    can you give me $$ in sl

  10. dragonight king says:

    I don’t think your weak for crying girl 😉 This happen to me on World of
    War Craft I feel you ;)

  11. Joseph Carrion says:

    Hi there LishaJoya: Please take this regretful experience as a life lesson
    and move on. As you can see in the comments below there are good people and
    there are those who are nothing but “PRICKS”! So please, please hang in
    there OK!!!

  12. Judi Lynn says:

    Omg. I know this is old, but I am so wanting to hug you.
    1. Cry until it no longer hurts.
    2. NEVER deal with a married man and if you do, NEVER wait for one! They
    are not leaving their wife for you in RL and CERTAINLY not in SL. They come
    to SL to escape the boredom of their married life. Nothing more. They use
    you as part of that pasttime.
    3. Real Life ALWAYS comes before Second Life.
    4. He accused and believed that you were going to see another man because
    of HIS insecurities and he was probably cheating on you inworld, too. He
    needed an excuse to leave you and he jumped on that.
    5. NEVER make a man or woman your whole identity. NEVER NEVER NVER. Do not
    lose yourself in someone else. YOU are complete. THEY are added to your
    life. If they walk away, let them.
    6. You’re angry and you have a right to be. He was disrepecting his wife,
    why do you think he’d have respect for you? You were the sidechick,
    7. Regardless of what’s going on with the guy in SL, especially if he’s
    married, if he hasn’t committed to you in REAL LIFE…keep dating in Real
    LIfe! NEVER put your real life on hold for someone on SL.
    8. Cry until it stops hurting, but find really cool and fun things to do by
    yourself and/or with friends. Don’t self-distruct or hurt anyone else. YOU
    are Valuable and he didn’t deserve you. <3

  13. Silver Owl says:

    Honestly, I love second life. I have met wonderful people on there. But, as
    with real life, things do happen that hurt us emotionally. I am so sorry
    that this hurt you, and I wish you the very best

  14. Glanecia X says:

    lol, Adrienne Pascal on Second Life has told many people that you are me.
    We are obviously not the same person. I too, use Second Life though ….
    and my rl husband and I are going through a divorce … but it’s what we
    both want. 

  15. butterflikissies says:

    Hey, Don’t listen to any negative BS people right here. No one will
    understand unless they experienced it themselves. Be strong and you will
    get by this. We live, we learn. Unfortunately, we can’t trust anyone
    online. I hope you are doing better now. 

  16. LunasMyDog says:

    This is why you don’t turn down real life relationships for an online ”
    relationship “, you never know who is on the other end of the pc. Take it
    as a lesson learned….. go find a date in the rl.

  17. FALLOUT SNIPER1911 says:

    fucking hell, GET A LIFE ALREADY!!!

  18. BCS Music says:

    hahahahha. this is some funny shit right here….

  19. jimjamsim says:

    You know. People say online Relationships are stupid but to be honest,
    you’ve fallen for the actual person. Their personality. You actually have
    to communicate. It takes way more effort then a physical one.

  20. EmilyMUA says:

    I know how much it sucks to lose someone you love, how it feels like
    everything is out of your control. Stay strong! Did he think you were
    cheating because you posted “I’m going to see my boyfriend and mother in
    law”? That might not have been a good idea. :(

  21. Ian Fletcher says:

    I’ve had my heart broken by Second Life too. Every tear you’ve shed over
    this genuine. You will heal, you will go on. 

  22. Emma Jayne says:

    Also, watching this i started to cry, i sooo wanted to run over the ocean
    to give you a hug! Ive been in relationships that ended the exact same way,
    i hate that they can just do that without feeling remorse to the pain they

  23. Judi Lynn says:

    Folks: There is no ONE aspect to Second Life. People DO meet and marry
    here. Husbands and wives participate in it together. You’ll find all kinds
    of people and situations here. She was honestly in love with this PERSON.
    He was REAL, not a game. The heart only feels one way -Real.Just because we
    use avatars doesn’t mean our feelings are pretend. Are you kidding? She is
    REALLY hurt over a real situation. The guy was online playing with her
    while hi wife slept. He’s the same jerk on his computer that he is off his
    comptuer. There’ no difference. Lisha, I know you feel like you love him,
    but stay away from him for a while. Those feelings will go away with no
    contact. Trust me.

  24. Emma Jayne says:

    I too have had dating issues in secondlife, it really sucks… If you are
    still on, lets meet up some time :) could be cool

  25. cyber0eclipse says:

    I’m sorry this reply is late, but I just wanted to say that I’ve been where
    you are in sl relationships and I feel for you. I don’t judge you at all. I
    see sl as an extension of the self. There’s the real world and the virtual
    world. It’s important to balance the two out. I’ve fallen for people in rl
    and in sl. Both have drama, both hold sadness, both hold happiness, and
    even pleasure. I see the only difference between the two is the distance.
    I’ve heard sl to rl relationship success stories, and horror stories. In SL
    it’s easier to cover up your stories I admit that. Anyway you don’t need
    him! You’re better than him. I hope you find someone who deserves you
    whether it be in rl or from sl to rl. I don’t know you but you seem like a
    great person. If you want to hang in sl PM me and I’ll give you my sl name.

  26. Camilla De Cicco says:

    I hurt my boyfriend a year ago. He said It’s still bothering him. He said
    all we can be is friends but I know I can’t do that. I love him. What
    should I do?

  27. zXCJCXz says:

    oh and its all conclusions in the end. So borrowing money is not inside
    towards the terms…

  28. zXCJCXz says:

    Never lend any money to an women cos in the end you wont get it back, but
    im happy enough to ditch her for that basis, so yeah sound…

  29. zXCJCXz says:

    Anyway i told you enough detail, dont like explaining things that’s why i
    don’t want to use my sound of voice for giving the matter… 

  30. zXCJCXz says:

    yep and that’s the reason why i don’t get involved in these cases, since
    its got to do with females… 

  31. Mike Linson says:


  32. zXCJCXz says:

    Yo, it be better off if you didn’t get an relationship at all. Cos females
    these days like to sabotage and take peoples wealth and use for their own
    which in their case it aint their responsibility. Just use the males wealth
    so they can buy expensive jewelry and other use without been told… Ive
    Been there before, old crap times, its been chaos and unacceptable and I
    just had to ditch her, cos borrowing money is illegal need permission based

  33. Stevens4Cat says:

    +kiyoshi watada
    *Yes yes! You are right kiyoshi!! That program comes with very effective*
    *way of putting relationship into a lasting longer and healthier too*.
    *I brought my ex bf back and we started good this long way.:)*

  34. Kera's LuvTechniques. says:


  35. kiyoshi cardenas says:

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