Want to Get Over Your Ex OR Get Him Back? Don’t Do This…

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46 Responses to “Want to Get Over Your Ex OR Get Him Back? Don’t Do This…”

  1. Kay M says:

    Awesome points….so true.

  2. Annette Szklowin says:

    A few months ago me and my then boyfriend broke up after 8 years together.
    I was depressed for a week, then snapped out of it.
    It scares me a little that I don’t have the urge to use that program that
    Matthew is talking about… cause I don’t want him back. And I don’t need
    to get over him either.

    And to think I used to hold the belief that I won’t be able to live without
    him… lol. that’s funny.

  3. Honeylovoxox says:

    It’s my third day trying not to contact him, I’m in extreme heartache, I
    have been waking up with screaming from a nightmare, it’s really bad that I
    don’t see he has the 60/40 thing. No amount of shopping is now making me
    feel slightly better, I used to be the biggest shopaholic person everyone
    knows and get extremely high for what I purchased continuing for few days,
    now I even found the discontinued item I dream for 2 yeas and not feeling
    any exciting :( I hate sweets and now I crave for them like they’re my soul
    mate, I’m trying to move on but I didn’t know it hurt me that deep.. It’s
    so tough, your get him back ebook really helps, I’m listening to the
    audiobook every single second when I go out instead of breakup songs, it
    really calms me down, I couldn’t stop crying before the purchase as every
    place everything I see on the street reminds me of him.. Your words are
    powerful and really help me to keep my hands to not contact him.. I’m just
    so weak at this :/ I just wanna say thank you !! 

  4. ibee4u2luv says:

    *sigh* I’m the type to never give up and letting go is just so hard. I love
    him and miss him terribly. I am so vulnerable right now that even something
    that isn’t good for me sounds better than this heartache and depression.
    By the way, I noticed your watch at the seminar in Los Angeles as well as
    your other videos. That’s a really nice looking watch.

  5. 8Clowny says:

    I just noticed that Matthew resembles Daniel Radcliffe.. anyone else?

    I love his videos, very helpful!

  6. Leila Khan says:

    Btw this video was beautiful 

  7. Mélo D. says:

    Matt, i love you and everthing you do. Im thankful someone like you exist
    in this world.
    I have a question too. Im 29. Im someone with no friends. The ones i used
    to have are negative people, bitching about too many things in life and
    blaming others for their emotional states. I’ve cleaned up my life and i
    actually have ended up alone. Im pretty much the only single person of all
    the people i know as well. Im alone 90% of the time and the only people i
    see is work colleagues. They are older than me so i cant be friends with
    them, they have their own lives. Besides, they are very negative people too.
    Basically what im trying to say is… How.. Im alone. I wont go out alone.
    I will go to the gym, i will go to yoga class, i will go to the library, go
    do grocery alone, but beside that… Euhhh.. No friends… No bf… Barely
    a family member available sometimes for me… I have a major problem… I
    can’t get out of it, i have no idea how i can get a positive social life. I
    have no idea how to be interesting (i must be so boring since no one
    invites me for anything).

  8. Leila Khan says:

    My on and off ex for 4 years comes crying back. I’ve been ignoring him. Now

  9. Debbie Driver says:

    Really good advice, but why does the camera keep taking different shots?!
    so hard to watch I had to listen and not look at you :)

  10. Alicia M says:

    Brilliant advice Matt! this is what i did after my breakup, and it worked.
    funny how most ppl will advice to go out and party.

  11. MH Productions says:

    Lol the awkward moment when you’re watching this at 6 am,
    Drunk, and you’ve don’t everything he’s sad not to…. 

  12. Jennifer Setareh says:

    Everything you said is soooo spot on.. I thought I would never get over my
    10 year toxic relationship but one day I just woke up and had enough! I’m
    in the healthiest place in my life and don’t even want to go out and party
    because you’re totally right it just makes me feel sleazy and doesn’t help
    Anything!! Thank you ! 

  13. Eli666Ms says:

    I can relate, i’ve been through it a few times and all you say is true,
    things should be done when we’re ok. But it’s hard, very hard to get
    there… it takes much time, self love and patience. Thank you for this vid

  14. Ana Helgeson says:

    Once again, he knocks it out of the park and says exactly what I needed to
    hear. Now, if only I could meet you, Matthew!! ☺️

  15. cjmckaena says:

    Me &my guy broke up on March 23, 2015 after a big argument. He recently
    lost his grandfather and hasn’t been the same since. I went 2 weeks in
    denial trying to get him to come back. He was distant and cold and said he
    needed space to calm down. He finally agreed to see me. During our lunch he
    told me that we can still be friends and maybe in the future we could try
    again. Even though I was hurt, I agreed to stay friends. That following
    week was the most painful week I’ve ever gone through. He barely talked to
    me. &Despite me agreeing to just stay friends, I would have these awful
    days where my heart felt like it was going to explode. I would come
    crawling, begging, and pleading for him to come back. He finally agreed to
    see me again and we talked. He said he still loves me and wants a future
    with me, but doesn’t want to start right away because we aren’t at the
    right frame of mind. We agreed to give each other 1 week to heal and to
    calm down. Today is day 3 of no contact and surprisingly I am doing better.
    I haven’t caved and I haven’t talked to him, even though he is the one
    texting me. I’m going to be strong. Just 4 more days til we talk again and
    this space has really given me some clarity. I’m not sure if we will get
    back together because I’m afraid of going through this pain again, but at
    the same time I still love him. I’m still healing. Staying busy, just
    trying to stay positive and let things fall where they may. Please wish me
    luck. Thanks. :) 

  16. Hung Teresa says:

    Wow, so true ” the way to get over someone is the same way that you get
    them back “. 

  17. mato1943 says:

    Hi I met a girl let´s say it was for a work purposes but we start texting
    and continued after work was done we even start texting more I´ve stayed up
    till 3:40 am just becose her I usually go to sleep at 23:20 problem is that
    in month she is leaveng the country I´m as well leaving and moving to
    completly different country from the beginning I know this is going to end
    up bad so I stop texting her 2 times but she always texts me and I fell
    right in to it now I think she knows what she means to me since then I stop
    texting and she didn´t start. I know that it´s betther like this but I
    woul´d like to stay frend with her althrought that I´m afraid that I´m
    going to fell back in to it should I wait until things get bether or
    completly delete her from my life ? thank´s

  18. Hiba B says:

    Love U toooooo

  19. sujan maharjan says:

    Uhhhh, I don’t know what to do, everytime I try to get her back, she just
    starts to hate me even more
    So I have made the decision not get talk with her ever again.. But I know
    why I still miss her and love her.. And the worst part is she has made
    another boyfriend.. Which hurts so bad..

  20. neeno001 says:

    I feel like this has an amazing hidden message behind it about lifestyle
    and the choices one makes, but sadly I know many people would turn a blind
    eye to this video solely because of their own masculinity or pride. It’s a
    shame really, they’re missing out. Props to any guy or girl who’s watching
    this, I respect you beyond belief for at least listening to somebody else’s
    point of view, even if you don’t choose to follow it. Hope you’re having a
    wonderful day :)

  21. Natalie Lehigh says:

    do more videos for shy people like me when it comes to dating

  22. Izabel N says:

    Awesome points, as always 

  23. Erin Elizabeth says:

    Just got broken up with tonight…I’ve been trying to fill the past couple
    of hours with something other than my constant thoughts of him and finally
    make my way to YouTube, and this was just waiting for me. Thank you

  24. Andrea Liu says:

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    relationship advice gig. If you’re struggling with your relationship or
    love life in general and would like a professional 1 week session for $5
    (no joke), go ahead and place an order!

    Thank you so much!

  25. Tania Gaitán says:

    You seem like a bit sad on this one, lower energy than usual, or
    something.. It seems like you are talking about yourself on 6:20.. :( If
    that’s the case, I hope you get over whatever it is very quickly, taking
    your own advice! We love you too! But I hope I’m wrong, I wish the best for
    you! ♡♡♡

  26. Lyn Yap says:

    I’m glad to say that I have get over mine. To people who are still
    struggling stay strong and be positive. 

  27. sijoka2008 says:

    Very much needed. Thank you. 

  28. Tiffani Sharice says:

    It’s amazing! I think what helped me the most was that it got me thinking
    about being more proactive in making a definitive step in either direction
    (whether to see about getting him back or to get over him) I actually
    didn’t realize how stagnant it had been. It was a pain that I had
    unconsciously decided to just “live with”, and Matthew’s guidance kind of
    shed some light on a few things. I can safely say that I’m absolutely on
    the right path, now and am really excited about moving on & closing that
    chapter of my life. I wish my Ex well, but he made his decision years ago
    and it’s time to continue on without him, and for the first time I’m ok
    with that. It feels like a burden lifted. Love you & Thanks, Matt!

  29. Bri Sugar says:

    After finally going on a date with a guy that I thought I wanted back in my
    life he broke a promise (which was typical of him); I went home, watched
    Frozen and did what Elsa said, “LET IT GO!”

    In most cases, an ex is an ex for a very good reason. Keep moving

  30. Endang setiowati says:

    Thank you matthew★★★★★★★★.

  31. Jessica Love says:

    heh nothing worked for me

  32. Sera says:

    SO TRUE..I do want to add that I’ve been single for awhile now and still
    feel down sometimes after a night out cuz it makes me think of my ex but it
    does get better with time..cuz had I gone out right after I may have
    contact him

  33. sherry simmons says:

    You’re so right. Thank you. 

  34. Jemimah Apurado says:

    Did he just say love you! *blushing!

  35. Oni ChiChi says:

    Awesome! Advises Matthew wish I had you around Six years ago lol lol or
    that advices from good positive person, like yourself. I would take this
    consideration. However it wouldn’t work with me ..he can stay where he’s
    at lol away from me.
    Like I said before Man aka Guy’s are not first Priority now in my life .My
    books are 😉 Secondarily, I came back to this channel because I like to
    challenge myself ,with new thing’s that I haven’t figured out yet or
    learned to do. So thank you for continuing your channel and Awesome Book ,i
    heart it haven’t read it but heard Super great things about it.

  36. Juan Cerro says:

    Nice Hublot matthew ;)

  37. ThreeSixteen says:

    After a few years I still miss my ex. At one point we remained friends but
    I couldn’t stand to see him happy with someone else while I was secretly
    still in love with him. I feel so comfortable with him, and I’ve done
    everything to get over him. Everything. I tried another Get Your Ex Back
    program (not Matt’s) and that got that broke the ice but I found myself
    always texting him first, even though he still acts interested in person. I
    don’t know what to do. I’ve just been praying that God breaks whatever soul
    tie I have to him so I can be happy again. I’ve been miserable since the
    day we broke up. I mean it gets easier but I definitely feel broken and
    haven’t been the same since.

  38. Diana Diamond says:

    matthew is an angel <3 thank u

  39. yarely B says:

    me encanta la manera en que expones los desfios de las relaciones. gracias
    por toda tu perspectiva tan alentadora. saludos desde Mérida, México

  40. Hiba B says:

    I think time can make us forget . “We just need time” N like U said.. Know
    that there are lots of great people out there . Life doesn’t depends on one
    person. N everything happens for us can be a lesson in our life :) N
    believe that hopefully the next will be better 

  41. Catherine Kirby says:

    SO much wisdom! 

  42. heatherup95 says:

    My ex partied and got drunk a lot so I always saw him at his worst state so
    whenever I went out as a single lady I wasn’t upset as there were guys who
    didn’t act like a twat. It really depends on your circumstances

  43. DarcyHeartsElvis says:

    Good advice baby!

  44. peeyachu says:

    Thanks Mattew

  45. Denise Luciani says:

    Can you make a video about depression/mental illness? please <3

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