What to DO and NOT DO in Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back Soon!

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  1. Lilly Wayne says:

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  2. Taricco Enderitta says:


  3. Tinur Hahn says:

    Learn What to DO and NOT DO in Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back Soon!

  4. Hannah Mew says:

    Extremely misleading title. 

  5. Michelle Stephanie says:

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  6. BringAsongOnAbanjo says:

    Dude, you dont have to do such crazy things to
    win her back.That was really ridiculous! haha.
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  7. Cynthia Ballard says:

    It’s good to know that there are videos made to motivate people like this

  8. charice pempo says:

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  9. Annie M Smolkin says:

    If you dont do this move out is a threat. if you compare me to your exes I
    will dump you!

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  11. Dorothy Jones says:

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  12. teetoo labalaba says:

    if a girl let’s call her R breaks up with a guy and the guy starts dating
    a another girl who is as attractive and or even slightly less attractive
    and things are going well , then R does not stand a chance unless the
    other girl turns out to be a psycho.

  13. Whiteboard7 says:

    I wasn’t expecting the delete the history thing, photos, texts etc. In my
    breakups, after both parties get over it, we cud just be friends so i’ve
    never been sooo mad to delete and erase history. good vid tho! advice like
    this coming from a man is even better.

  14. Kera's LuvTechniques. says:


  15. annawam1 says:

    i did the same thing i was drunked and called him and he called me back we
    slept together but we still not fine*sad face*

  16. KitaDyer says:

    He did the opposite of these tips when ‘taking a break’ :/

  17. brownsugardelima says:

    are they high? lol they can’t follow their script!

  18. Catherine Santillana says:

    Cont. And I am leaving him alone and now I feel like we are enemies :/

  19. robertblackftw says:

    good info

  20. StrangePerson260292 says:

    @EasyBeautySolutions Dw my first broke up with me over msn.. he was very
    sorry for what he did but you’ll get through it :)

  21. zwergie4444 says:

    you reap what you sew, you will definitely end up with the woman you
    deserve, or even better; alone.

  22. ariane amistad says:

    thanks for sharing your story and your resource!

  23. Lauren Jean says:

    Out of sight, out of mind is the #1 best advice anyone could give. Don’t do
    the drive-by ladies… Do you really wanna see that pink VW Bug in his
    driveway? Nooooooo!

  24. JoeCaliforniah says:

    You forget 1 most important point to ease the feeling. MASTURBATION. true

  25. Helen Jim says:

    Dr.Greg is so cute….

  26. Catherine Santillana says:

    Me and my bf broke up 3 months ago and we talked two days on person to work
    it out but he kept on giving me excuses and I kept on telling him you if
    you want to be with me then just be with me and fight for our love an don’t
    give me excuses that you are scares of the future then he kept on saying
    you don’t love me you love someone I love sone else I want to be by myself
    else I don’t love you I don’t want you i don’t want to end up like parents
    and so on and then he told me to leave him alone an

  27. Amina Lucilia Jamal says:

    tee hee,,u r ryan higa’s fan?

  28. Anow171 says:

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  29. cooleeohs says:

    …Omg I want to punch that lady. She talks too much that doesn’t help, she
    budges in, and her mouth is huge! ughh



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  32. sabina lama says:

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  33. David Norden says:

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  34. zwergie4444 says:

    you’re not alone, welcome to the club, but remember what he said in the
    video; the person who dumps you causes you a lot of pain in the beginning,
    but it is he who will suffer even more later.

  35. MizLiizzii says:

    @jonaslove951 hahaha same. he just changed his relationship status. after

  36. Krista C says:

    amen to that lmao

  37. 12neverland21 says:

    Life is too short to be unhappy girl. You still have chance on getting him
    back. Try this: Ive used there program and in just a
    matter of few techniques used, my ex boyfriend was going crazy on winning
    me back to him. And now, we both are happy getting our relationship
    stronger. :)

  38. IraHayesIraHayes says:

    @EasyBeautySolutions Your new mantra…FUCK THAT BITCH….say it 300 times
    a day.

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