What To Text Your Ex Boyfriend (And Make Him Want You Back) — “What to send your ex boyfriend in a text message to win him back” I need to warn you that you simply can’t just randomly star…


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  1. nalury eccentric says:

    Brad oh Brad…I just found your vid…
    know sumthin?I totally did all the opposite of what you’ve just advice..
    Now he doesn’t reply anything at all!
    HOW do I reverse everything back?
    Please HELP me undo what I’ve done..

  2. Shellys Tarot says:

    Brad, I don’t know if you can help in my situation. I’ve been married for
    25 years and my husband started growing distant and then just before
    thanksgiving 2014 he said he filed for divorce(which he hasn’t done). He
    moved out the day after Christmas. Suddenly has new found friends. We have
    2 kids who are very hurt over him leaving us he hasn’t spoken to them at
    all. I do love him I mean come on it’s 25 years. He is suffering from
    depression but, won’t get help. He refused counseling. I want him to come
    back but, I want him to want to come back on his own and repair the damage.
    Is it too late for us? Please help…Shelly

  3. carlina rousas says:

    Thank you Brad

    But he ended up saying he has feelings for me and ask me to go to theaters
    with him and friends on a text this may work thank you a

  4. Jonathan Reeve says:

    Hi Brad, i broke up with my ex 2 months ago. We had an intimate
    relationship for 3 months while she’s in a long distance relationship with
    her boyfriend for ten(!) years. She’s been away from our home country for
    more than a year now. Before we broke up, she went to vacation to our home
    country so she met her long time boyfriend. She sent me a gift back here in
    Dubai during my birthday so i thought everything was still okay. But when
    she came back here, she broke up after a few days citing that she really
    loves her boyfriend and that she can’t stand cheating him anymore. During
    yhe short span of our relationship, I felt I built something strong coz
    she’s always asking me why is it that I’m with you I feel different? or I
    never knew things would work out besides my boyfriend. So I never gave up
    coz I fell she still loves me and she cried a lot during our break up. I
    went into no contact for two weeks then I screwed things up, I sent her
    flowers, gifts, told her how much I love her which pushed her away and when
    we accidentally met in a bar, she ignored me and acted in a very rude
    manner as if she wants me to know that she is a different person now. That
    action led uis to a big fight. A good friend of mine advised me not to
    contact her ever again, if a woman really loves a man she would find a way
    to get him back no matter what. I listened to her advise and I’m in no
    contact now for two months. Any suggestions or opinions?

  5. Maria Rahmat says:

    I just broke up a week ago with my boyfriend thats been together for 11
    month. I made a mistake when I asked my boyfriend to leave me so as to see
    if he would fight for this relationship & eventually he did the opposite.
    He agreed with me and let go of me easily. He claimed that he wont do
    treats and said that the rs was draining and an immature relationship and
    he cant afford to live in it.
    However, he told me that we could stay friends. We could’nt work things out
    as a couple, maybe we could work things out as friends. He said he would
    give me chances to work things out as friends but i blew it with begging
    him to stay in the relationship, sounded desperate which turned him off but
    he was still being caring and did not cut ties with each other as friends.
    And right after the breakup, he posted our picture on social network
    together with a caption of “Maybe it was’nt the end. It was the begining of
    something else”. What does that mean? Pluss now he is now seeing the girl
    that he used to have a thing for before our relationship and they are
    dancing salsa together. I know he wants a mature relationship but i dont
    know what to do now. I rlly want him in my life and I need your advice.

  6. Antoinette N says:

    Hi Brad my boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago but five days ago he
    sent me an i love you text and I didn’t respond. the worst part is I got a
    call from a woman and I just started accusing him of cheating and he said
    wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue with me . he said there is no other
    woman in his life and I really want to trust him. it’s not the first we
    have broken up but this time I think he is this off my jealousy and
    nagging. he did send me Christmas greetings though and a nice Video with
    Santa dancing that made me laugh but I haven’t heard from him since then.
    the things is our kids are in the same grade at school so i might run into
    him. I’m always acting so pitiful and needy around him I’m afraid I might
    lose it when I see him. what so you think I should do? LN

  7. Tiffany Ford says:

    Hey Brad,

    Mr and my boyfriend recently broke up about a week ago. He broke up with me
    for literally no reason. Two days prior to us breaking up he texted me
    telling me how happy he was to be my man and have me as his girl. So I just
    don’t get why he would do me. His reason he gave was “I’m sorry but I am
    obviously not ready to date. I know I probably just hurt you and I am
    sorry. I do like you but my life is really hectic right now. I still want
    to talk to you.” What the heck does this even mean? You like me and wanna
    talk buuuuuut.. I really want him back because I do love him. Any advice?

  8. carlina rousas says:

    Hi brad

    My bf broke up with me a week ago and al though we been thought this he
    still txt me saying “hey” but I ignore his txt for about 10 min and reply
    an simple “hey” but he text me about other girls Ronald me jealous and I
    see it’s working I also try to make him jealous but not much although I
    still love him and want him back but not to show off what should I text him
    to make him get with me???

  9. Mel Carter says:

    Hi Brad my boyfriend broke up with me Last night ): and the problem is I
    love him and the hard thing is is that we are best friends and I just wanna
    know what’s going on inside his head many thanks Melissa

  10. Rojanna Mills says:

    OK me and my bf are in a werid spot,his x cheated on him for a yr. Before
    he decided to divorce her, we met and fell in love. He asked me to move in,
    we lived together 5 months before his not quit x wife found out, she
    started making numerous fake profiles on fb and attacking me, she’s
    attacking him saying she will take his kids from him..his oldest boy tech.
    Isn’t his, he just assumes responsibility for him so legally she can keep
    him away. He told me I was wonderful and he couldn’t continue to see me
    attacked and asked me to move out until he was divorcd he Saids he loves me
    n still wants to b with me he doesn’t want us to end. But now that I’m
    gone, he said he’s sick and has been in n out of sleep and barely talks to
    me..our x roommate Swiss he’s locked himself in the room n is sad…if he’s
    so heart broken y is he leaving me hanging, I’m the one who got sent away..

  11. Amanda McGinnis says:

    I was with my ex for about a year and a half (we lived together for about 6
    months). I went through some things and took it out on him. I kept trying
    to break up with him and kicking him out. I never wanted him to leave. We
    broke up in May and didn’t see or speak to each other until July (I
    initiated). We exchanged a few emails in August and started texting in
    September. We saw each other in October so he could get his things. I saw
    him last week and we had a great time. In our different communications,
    he’s said some things that truly make me believe that he still wants to be
    with me. I think he’s afraid of history repeating itself – I hurt him
    emotionally and kicked him out of his home. When we talk, it’s great;
    however, we only talk a few times a month. I want to talk to him more, but
    don’t know how to go about it. Usually, I initiate, but he will every once
    in a while.

    Also, neither one of us has a place of our own right now. I’m trying to
    take care of a few things and hope to get a place around the middle of next
    year. Part of me is unsure if I should be pursuing this relationship at
    this time. I want to be with him, but I’m trying to take care of my own
    things. I think he also needs more time to get over his hurt. I need to
    earn his trust and respect again.

    Should I try to get the relationship back right now or just try for
    friendship? Either now or in the future, how do I get him back? How do I
    increase communication?

  12. Destiny Summers says:

    Hey Brad, I broke up with my boyfriend today because of lack of
    communication. He told me that he was sick but it seems iffy that someone
    can be sick for two weeks but post pictures on Instagram. I’m feeling a
    little bad and I feel that he deserves another chance…what should I do?

  13. Silvia Banegas says:

    Hey brad , well idk if you can help me but my bf broke up with me and he’s
    older than me I’m 14 and he’s 17 I miss him and I love him so much I want
    him back
    He broke up with me because I did something wrong and idk what to do now
    And I’m hoping he will come back to me because he has donenit a bunch of
    times .
    Thanks hope u can help me

  14. dark lipstick says:

    My ex likes me and he asked me for a chance and I really don’t want a
    boyfriend right now what do I do..????HELP ME PLS

  15. Samantha Stasen says:

    Hi Brad
    Ok so my ex and I broke up a little after new years last year. The
    relationship we had was complicated because I went into it still having
    feelings for my ex before him. I told him this and said I needed a break to
    get rid of the old feelings so I could be completely invested in our new
    relationship. However he felt like he was coming in second to my previous
    ex (which wasn’t true) and he started to doubt the validity of our
    relationship. So he shut me out. We broke up and I ended up making a huge
    mistake in getting back together with the guy I still had feelings for. For
    months I tried to just be friends with the new guy but I would always ruin
    it by telling him I wanted to get back together and made a mistake letting
    him go. He cut off contact with me after stating he just wants to be
    friends not go back out. I think if he could just see how iv changed and
    how much I care about him and after I earn back his trust we could have a
    chance in having a relationship. We recently just started talking again
    trying to be just friends one more time and I don’t want to blow this. I
    could honestly see myself marrying him but I need to know how to play it
    and SLOWLY get back his trust and make him want me again. Thanks so much

  16. Pumpkinspice says:

    My boyfriend claims he still loves me and broke up with me after 2 years
    (we even lived together) but he went to DC for an Internship and promised
    not to break up with me but now in the last weeks he suddenly changed and
    he doesn’t want me to go to DC with him or to ever move or wait for him.
    Claiming he isn’t being fair to me or being the boyfriend I deserve, but we
    talked about the long term relationship before and how it’ll benefit us if
    he got a better job. Does he just need his space now? He hasn’t contacted
    me at all in a week and a half. I just dont understand how he can go from
    wanting to be with me, to not suddenly. 

  17. Elysse Williams says:

    Hey Brad my fiance and I broke up a couple weeks ago and he broke a lot of
    promises to me toward the end of the relationship the two most recent
    promises are that he wouldnt drink and that he wouldnt leave me. My ex who
    used to be his roomate said he slept with two random girls but my ex lies a
    lot about my ex fiance. my ex fiance sent me a nasty message on facebook
    and blocked me. we werent fighting beforehand or anything. and I’ve tried
    to get him to talk to me and he was with one of his friends and said he
    needs space and would think about it and I sent him a lot of messages on
    his friends account (cause thats the only way I can talk to him since he
    blocked me) and he would just read them and not respond. how do I get him
    to unblock me and talk to me? how do I get him back and how long should I
    wait to talk to him?

  18. Holly James says:

    Hello Brad, my ex had broken up with me at the end of last April. The break
    up was messy, and hurtful words were said from his part. It was my fault as
    I had lied about something very small, however as the months had passed, I
    did find that he had forgiven me but was not willing to even be friends
    with me. In November last year, I decided that I would do something about
    it, and sent him a random text. He had replied and we had a conversation
    going, after a while, I began to text him a little bit more on different
    platforms of social media e.g. facebook and whatsapp but the conversation
    did not solidify a friendship meaning it was a little awkward. He had
    agreed to listen to a piece of music I had sent him, as well as thank me
    for wishing him a happy birthday. But now has stopped replying to my texts.
    I know he sees them, but he just blatantly ignores it. The last message I
    sent was on the 2nd of Jan this year and I feel a little embarrassed and
    upset that he just ignored me, as well as it giving me anxiety that he is
    speaking to other girls. Is there any advice you can give?

  19. Ashley Simmons says:

    Hey Brad,
    I broke up with my boyfriend last year, and here lately I’ve been wanting
    us to get back together. I’ve tried to get over him but it’s hard to when I
    have to see him every week due to us having a child together. I asked him
    several times if he has a new girlfriend and he’s been telling me no. My
    son finally spilled the beans and told me has dad has a new girlfriend. Why
    would he lie to me about not dating anyone when he clearly is?

  20. Chelsea Mayhew says:

    Hey, Brad. My ex and I broke up Oct 1st. We were on a break a week prior
    because he needed space. We still lived together but we didn’t make contact
    for a week and slept separately only for him to come back and break up with
    me. After we broke up, I moved out and he moved out as well so we live
    separate now. The day after he broke up with me he texted me a really long
    message saying he still loves me, he just needs space and he don’t want
    this to be forever and that he cried all day, etc. Then we developed a plan
    to just take space for a while, then come back and hardcore reset our
    relationship. Well he has been pretty rude to me, especially when things
    don’t go his way he will threaten things like “after I move out, we are
    done” etc, but then the other day he texted over a computer he and I traded
    for that I was going to give to my ex roommate saying that he wanted it and
    that his generosity was wasted. Well I replied that if he wanted it he can
    have it. He told me that he wishes he would talk to him from time to time
    instead of our ex roomate so I said okay. He then proceeded to say he
    played this game we used to play together the other day and thought of me
    the whole time, and that playing this game isn’t the same without me, etc
    and that I can have this game that I wanted and I said well I have no clue
    where you live so you can have the ex roommate bring it to me when he drops
    my things off or we can meet somewhere. He said he wanted to meet sometime.
    Now idk if that means he misses me or what because the next day I tried to
    get ahold of him about keys to the old apartment and he never replied so I
    ended up having to text our ex roommate. Idk what he wants he tells me one
    thing but then acts like he don’t miss me at all. Don’t reply or anything.
    So I gave up. Idk what to do.

  21. Nanta setia putri says:

    My boyfriend and I just broke up like 1 week ago, and he stopped talking to
    me eversince, but 2 days ago I texted him and asked him why exactly did he
    break up with me. There’s the thing, my bf’s been doing a two timing on me,
    he had this another girl on LDR with him. I knew that already, but I
    allowed him to do that bcs I know that he couldn’t meet that girl because
    of the distance. But finally he’s tired having it this way, being with 2
    girls was confusing him, that girl over there seems to not know that my bf
    and I were in relationsip. But last week, she finally found out about
    everything, then my bf decided that he’s giving up, he told me he just want
    to be alone, so he broke up with me and he said he will do the same to the
    girl, he keep on saying “please, I just wanna be alone, not with anybody,
    just I need to be just with myself, im done hurting you, please just leave
    me alone” but I’m still having this feeling that he’s still in touch with
    that girl.
    What should I do then to have him back? To win him over that girl and make
    him sure that he’s better with me. I’m afraid if I try the 30 days no
    contact with him, he’ll just stick to that girl more and more and move on
    from me. Please help meee, I really love him :(.

  22. Keleka Johnson says:

    Hello brad

    Me and my ex boyfriend has been broke up for about a month or so. He broke
    up with me cuz he assumes I’m cheating on him and I never did and i spent
    almost all my time with him and it was always when I wasn’t with him cuz
    either I was working and with my kids. About 2 weeks ago he like me come
    over to talk and a guy friend called me and he got upset and I didn’t want
    to tell him cuz of his insecurities and so I said I didn’t no who it was.
    So he told me to leave and I didn’t want too. So I said old that was just a
    friend and a co worker. I tried texting him after that and he responded as
    go text that guy that was calling u. He was just my friend and we don’t
    even talk like he was thinking. It was just bad timing of his call. After
    that he responded less and told me to enjoy my single life and be with that
    dude. Eventually I stopped texting him cuz he prob blocked me or wants
    nothing to do with me. The crazy thing is he knows my best friend is a guy
    and I have guy friends. I feel he is afraid of commitment cuz he has never
    been married and has no kids. I have three and he is 42years old and set in
    his ways. I truly loved him. It been about two weeks since I’ve stopped
    texting him. So what do you suggest I do?

  23. Hayley WIlliams says:

    Hey, Brad.
    So to sum it up, it’s been 10 months since our breakup, and we’re actually
    on really good terms. We talk a lot and we’re really close, it’s kind of
    like we’re best friends but I know there is still something there. He
    always brings up things we did together in the past and I want him back to
    the point where it kind of aches, you know? The bad thing is, he asked if
    he could talk about girl problems with me, but when I said yes, he said
    never mind. I talked to one of our mutual friends and he said that he
    hasn’t been with anyone since our breakup. The point is I know what I want,
    and I’m determined to get it back, no matter how long it takes. Thank you!

  24. Toriana Michelle says:

    I’ve been with this guy for 2 years and he just broke up with me 1 week
    ago. It seems like he’s confused . When I text him he texts me back
    shouldn’t he be ignoring me and when I ask him are we still together or are
    we going to work things out he either say not right now or idk ok . He said
    things that hurt my feelings but I don’t think he really mean those things
    and next week is my birthday and I have to face him . What do I do

  25. briggie3231 says:

    I was with the same guy for 7 years…engaged for the last 3 years. My
    family was paying towards a wedding, in a year. We met while he was in
    college and my senior year of high school. He moved to this state from
    another, and his family sold their house and went to Africa to do
    missionary work for 9 months. He had no one and was struggling to make ends
    meat. I paid for nearly everything the first year we were together. Me and
    my family gave him emotional support and financial support. He lived in my
    familys basement for 5 and a half years….just 9 months into our
    relationship, he moved in. In October 2013, I was laid off from yet another
    job and in November 2013, we moved out with another couple we thought were
    our best friends. Needless to say things went sour fast, there and they
    tried breaking us up before they moved out in this past summer. We bounced
    back and we were doing really well. My family gave me access to one of my
    trust fund type accounts early this past September, because I was still out
    of work. I only used it to buy necessities, things for our new apartment in
    December, and the security deposit for the new place…and I set aside 12
    months worth of my share of rent…just in case I couldn’t find a job. He
    wasn’t thrilled about that, but I made a promise to him I’d have a job
    before me moved out, and if not, it wouldn’t be like that for forever.
    Well, randomly, October 20th, while I was not home he moved everything he
    owns out and I came home to this at 11pm! I was devastated, and still am!
    Our kitty we got 2 months ago cries (she loves me more honestly, but really
    misses him too). He told me he doesn’t agree with how he did it, and it was
    because I wasn’t working and it felt like he was rowing the boat from one
    side and we were just going in circles. Our actual 7 year anniversary would
    have been October 24th. He has a new place, and changed his number. Won’t
    tell me where or what his number is. He was on our family plan too for cell
    phone company. He keeps telling me he doesn’t wanna give me false hope and
    that he’s trying to move on with his life now. He even said that he paces
    back and forth in his apartment and cries himself to sleep every night. He
    says he loves me, cares, and misses me though. How can he be okay with this
    while I’m completely miserable? He said he hasn’t slept with anyone and
    there is no one else. I was his first…if you catch my drift. He was my
    2nd. It seems like he doesn’t wanna put stipulations on anything, but he’s
    basically saying…if we both get our crap together, maybe we can be
    together…but he hasn’t came out and said it. I think it’s because he
    wants to see if I’ll actually land a job to help myself out, instead of
    just getting him back. Also, I found out 2 days after he left that I have a
    tumor with cancerous cells in it. And I was in the EmergencyRoom this past
    Monday (one week after it happened) from a lot of side/stomach pain, lack
    of eating, and throwing up constantly. What is your opinion on the

  26. Vie TORRES says:

    Hi Brad, my boyfriend and i broke up a week ago. Because of my irrelevant
    jealousy and not trusting him. He got angry and says i should live him
    alone and its over. Im trying to contact him but no answer even in viber or
    facebook he only reads my messages. I want him back for good. Help me. 

  27. Maggie Tidwell says:

    Brad? My ex and I broke up because he wanted to sext, and I wasn’t up for
    that. Then the next morning I woke up, thinking ‘What the f*** did I just
    do?’ So I ran back onto Facebook and told him that indeed I was ready, and
    can we get back together. He said ‘No’ because he’s not ready for dating
    again. I miss him so much, what should I do?

  28. carmen Stevens says:

    my ex broke up with me, we got back an then broke up again. now he wants me
    back idk what to do now

  29. Sarah Muller says:

    Hey Brad,my boyfriend and i broke up because of his mom we wanted to be
    together but his mom wanted him to get a job before he was with me for a
    week after we broke up we were hanging out and one day i went over to ask
    him to give me a ride to the nearest gas station and he totally blew up in
    my face. Now he wont talk to me and i dont know what to do 

  30. Nina Doncheva says:

    Hello Brad, I have a little bit of a different situations ..I broke up with
    him because I don’t feel loved anymore he says that he loves me but it’s
    not the same anymore..and I have broken up so many times but after a day or
    less I would’have text him and we would be back together..but I recently
    did it and I mean it this time..but I eventually want to be with him after
    time if he realize that it’s not the same..what should I do ..should I do
    the 30 day no contact and then message him ..please please I need you help
    i really want him back the way we were before please 

  31. love707 says:

    My bf just broke up with me 2 days ago and he keeps telling me he loves me
    more than anything in the world and he needa to figure stuff out in his
    life rn and he hopes im still there when he figures it out. Im so empty &
    heartbroken brad. What do i do

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