What to text your ex

If you want to get your ex  boyfriend to come crawling back to
you on his knees (no matter why you broke up and even if he’s
with some other girl now), you need to watch this video right
away. . .

The reason this video is so important is because it teaches you
the REAL reason you’ve failed to get your ex boyfriend to come
back to you so far. . .

And how to use tiny little text messages to create an obsession
in his mind where he’ll do anything to be with you again (no matter
how bad things were before.)

Good Luck

P.S. You’ve probably heard of Mike Fiore because he’s kind of a
celebrity. He’s been on The Rachael Ray Show, was in a bunch of
newspapers and magazines and is the absolute authority when it
comes to showing you how to use this texting thing to crawl into
a man’s mind. . .

P.P.S. If you’re even a LITTLE interested in getting your ex
boyfriend back, you’ve got to watch this now. . .

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