When a Man Falls in Love: The Changes He Makes and Actions He Takes

What happens when a man falls in love? Will he be the same person, or can you expect major changes from him?

Will it be obvious if he is in love?

What are some of the signs?

How do I know the man I am with loves me?

Throughout this book I will answer those questions as well as many others that all of us often wonder about. Enjoy the following outtakes from, ‘When a Man Falls in Love” and see for yourself if this is a book you think you would like to read.

“They say, ‘Love will make you do some crazy things.’ I disagree. Untamed desire, selfishness and jealousy will make you do crazy things, but not love.”

“A man in love has all the reason he needs. A light comes on, the fog clears, a fire ignites and he is prepared to win by taking action!”

“Honesty, kindness, compassion, duty to country and companion –these words are his new mantra.”

“The man in love stands taller. His character becomes magnetized. The alpha within awakens. His innate leadership qualities shine brighter than the sun. People in positions of power and influence begin to notice him. New doors of opportunity open.”

***Have you ever thought…***

“How do I know when I have met the right person?”

“How do I make sure I keep that person?”

“What can I do to ensure our relationships stays fresh?”

“I have been hurt so many times, I’m afraid of being hurt again…”

“Why do men cheat?”

“I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel? How do I know there is a future for us?”

In this book I reveal the answers to these difficult questions. Some of the answers may surprise you; others will inspire hope and bring you greater understand.


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