When You Shouldn’t (and Should) Want Your Ex Back

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  1. T Kabambe says:

    I am a firm believer that if someone is an ex, it is for a good reason.
    People come into our lives for a reason, season, and a lifetime. We just
    have to be ready to accept what category they fall in. And when its time
    to say goodbye, do it with a smile in your heart, because it was good while
    it was good, and now its time to move on… 

  2. Batman says:

    Marketing is strong with this one

  3. Jamie Schou says:

    Matthew!! Help …??
    Sounds like I needed to get him in his lag(?) period.. You said that that
    won’t last forever…
    I had my guy for five years and then he left. Eight months later I tried to
    get him back. Totally the wrong way. Saying I love him etc etc… So am I
    just fucked now? Have I lost my second chance? It’s been a year since he
    dumped me. He told me he never wanted us again. But that he cares and wants
    me happy… I guess maybe I am suppose to give him up… I just still feel
    like we could be. Is it too late? Please god answer me. How in hell am I
    suppose to get him back now after I made an idiot out of myself this summer
    calling him and writing him a long letter….
    Help please.
    Love, Jamie!

  4. Bristi Basu says:

    You’re my inspiration Matty! Xxxxx

  5. Larissa Lopez Barreto says:

    I am a true follower & fan of yours, wanted to say thank you, not because
    of your time and dedication to your videos, but I believe I can talk for a
    lot of women here and say that you have opened our eyes. Thank you so much

  6. mystiqueboutique says:

    I really like all Matt’s great advice in his vids how to be more fulfilled
    happier person in general and how all the good things follow after…great
    job ……..U r changing lives here for the better …….Thank You…

  7. LeonLovesIt says:

    2:18 – 2:30 omg thank you, i never thought about it like that

  8. Katie Andrews says:

    Do you have any advice about how to react to someone in a high value way
    who has treated you badly. Person I was seeing who is also in my social
    circle so it’s inevitable we will come face to face again. I want to covey
    strength and dignity when he approaches me. I also don’t want to pretend im
    OK with being treated badly.

  9. Dallas Duchess says:

    I’ve no desire to get back with any of my Ex’s …when I’m done, I’m done!
    ❤️ thank you Matthew 

  10. Karissa Marie says:

    You are really knowledgeable about relationships and I enjoy listening to
    you but I’m a lesbian so I’m not sure if a lot of your advice would work
    for me as well if I’m not a straight woman seeking a guy which is what you
    mainly seem to talk about. I assume it’s because you’re a straight guy and
    you know how a straight guy thinks, but do you ever give advice geared
    toward gay or lesbian relationships? Or does a lot of the advice you give
    actually apply to any gender seeking any gender? Thanks for your help!

  11. LilLion1818 says:

    It’s called a break up because it’s broken. 

  12. Noel 3.0 says:

    You are awesome, love your video’s, I always thought I had above average
    knowledge on how to get a guy ( and I do ) so I was horrified to learn all
    the mistake’s I was making. I also love your whole demeanor and love
    watching your video. If you’re ever taking application for a new best
    friend, let me know. “You’re Fun” To quote the guy at your disco dance in
    junior high. Noel 

  13. Valerie Alobaidi says:

    You helped me actually
    I dnt want him back

  14. Leila Porto says:

    Oh, that reverse psychology of yours… Of course I clicked it.Too bad it
    says: “Uh-oh, something went wrong! Error Code: 404”. Bummer…

  15. mei rosita dewi says:

    this is it ! the theme i need to know from matthew hussey , get your ex
    back! finally ! can’t wait for learn more.
    good luck people

  16. Tyson Baxter says:

    Thank you so much Matthew.

  17. HiThereWhatsHappenin says:

    Thank you for this advice, I’ve contemplated whether or not being with my
    last partner would be a smart decision. However with what you have
    mentioned maybe they aren’t for the right reasons, better to let go and
    explore new and better opportunities…

  18. Alicia M says:

    I left at 4:22- Thank you Matthew :)

  19. I Love You I Love You says:

    BYE, BYE: Andrew C. O’C, B.A.F., and just about every guy who’s left and
    begged their way back….

  20. Jane S says:

    I am that 1 in 10. Bad timing. We broke up 5 years ago, and I’ve come to
    realize there is no one better suited for me than my ex was. Believe me,
    I’ve tried. Unfortunately, he has to want it, too. I don’t live nearby,
    he’s not on social media, we have no chance of encounter whatsoever. So
    he’s a treasured part of my history now. #ForeverAlone lol

  21. modell23 says:

    What if the ex got married to the woman he left you for? Should you still
    want them back? I mean; I don’t but I ask this question for others!

  22. Jenna Jayne says:

    Everyone knows I wanna be back with my ex except him, and the only reason I
    don’t tell him is because I fantasise about him telling me he wants me back
    too, and I know that isn’t true… And even if he said it I wouldn’t
    believe it… I need to move on!
    Love your videos Matt! Xx

  23. bluesiesangel says:

    Very ‘funny’ :)
    I love your advices and the psychological insights.. – unfortunately there
    is no Ex I want back so I might have some logic reason and alibi to keep
    watchin.. but as usual.. I’m curious 😀 ;)

  24. Dalia Madrid says:

    You can want your ex back all you want but at the end of the day you can’t
    force someone to be with you especially if they don’t want to be with you.

  25. yagmur kort says:

    You are amazing Matthew! I have read your books and I have been following
    you since day 1! I feel like I have more self esteem now than ever. I’m
    greatful to have such a great life coach 😉 greetings from Germany. Yagmur

  26. meow0meow7 says:

    rich man wants riches

  27. Lylya Taouti says:

    One question Mathew : We women like to hear how great and beautiful we are
    however men hate it when we ask the questions that leads them to say what
    they really think/love about us …How can you get your significant other
    to tell you what your ears want to hear ?

  28. NiNi Jo says:

    “Go for the DEVIL you KNOWWW”

    … Lol …

    YUPPP that’s me!!
    ALWAYS having to choose the lesser evil…

  29. Brittney Dalton says:

    I love this filming location, especially the red chair. The shot of the
    building down the street is great.

  30. CountryMusicsNo1Fan says:

    Can you do a video about julien blanc please, would be nice to get an
    opinion from someone in the industry 

  31. Laura Brus says:

    How do I say this…I wanna see Jamison. Is he real or is Matthew just
    talking to a stuffed teddy bear? Or can both be true?

  32. nathuwjohn says:

    Don’t want him back bc…. I deserve better :)

  33. Amy Miller says:

    SOS :( Opinions? My ex and I were together for almost 1 year. We always got
    along great, although he was a tad too clingy and I like my space. I made
    this clear to him but never really enforced it, and started to find myself
    getting a little annoyed with stupid things, etc. which was out of
    character for me. We talked about it, because neither of us felt the stupid
    arguments were worth it. Nothing too serious ever happened. Meanwhile,
    there was added stress from a hacker situation with me. My facebook and
    texts were getting hacked, for months off and on. I always changed
    passwords and felt like I solved it, or I would just give up! It always
    stopped eventually and never did anything serious. Anyway, 3 weekends ago,
    we hung out. He brought up the “issues” we’ve been having and said he was
    worried things were different because we had argued some. I told him I’m
    sure time would heal any issues, and we should relax and enjoy each other.
    He agreed and everything seemed fine. The next day, he called all upset,
    saying we argue too much & it’s unhealthy, he wanted to end it. I got a
    little annoyed, I was also upset and confused. I was a little snappy, said
    he’s being dramatic, & told him he’d be stupid not to give it a chance if
    he really had feelings. He finally settled down and agreed to “give it 1
    more chance” and I wrote it off as him being super dramatic and over
    reacting to simple bumps in the road, that I was confident would heal over
    some time. The next weekend (2 weekends ago) he over reacted to the
    stupidest thing, totally out of character for him, and dumped me!!! He was
    like a ticking time bomb – that misunderstanding wasn’t why he dumped me,
    it would’ve been anything, it was out of my control. I have been confused
    since then, but assumed he just got too scared or too overwhelmed. I did no
    contact for 2 full weeks until tonight. Tonight, I discovered (long story)
    that my hacker had posed as me over texts to him that day, 3 weekends ago
    when he had called me. It was a normal conversation that they instigated
    into a huge argument, eventually pushing him to say that I’ve changed and
    he gives up. Now I understand the phone call that day. I contacted him
    tonight – I felt it was important to let him know. I told him he can choose
    not to believe me, but he said he did. He also thanked me for telling him.
    Now I will cut off contact again. Am I doing the right things? If he
    doesn’t contact in another 2-3 weeks, should I assume it’s over? At that
    point, should I reach out? Thank you. (p.s. hacker has been caught since
    then, it’s all over now! and my ex knows this)

  34. iridescent1608 says:

    it is so obvious how he creates with his words the imagination, that you
    need to watch this video and pay him. just remember this before u pay him.

  35. Kristen Mendozaa says:

    I love your videos and just ordered your book! But I have a question.. How
    do you deal with a guys crazy ex?

  36. TheInevitableSloth says:

    i like these videos but i prefer the more casual attitude you usually have
    in your videos. love these though xox 

  37. heartquaked says:

    You really have a gift Matthew. This couldn’t have come at a better time
    for me. Thank you!! 

  38. koko mario says:

    You are great psychologist :) i feel less depressed watching ur vids :D

  39. starwater :: says:

    3.5 billion men in this world..its good to move on

  40. L3iann says:

    Thank you, Matthew! I really needed to hear that!

  41. pascuitta says:

    you’re so handsome, you make my day

  42. pinguinitacori says:

    FIRST!!! 😀 Love your videos! You’re awesome 

  43. Chrissie B says:

    I loved this video…up until you started talking about getting the ex
    back. Not sure that is ever in anyone’s best interest. 

  44. Mary Martin says:

    Thanks Matt….I needed to hear that !!!!

  45. Hirut Cohane says:

    Love it. Thanks for this information

  46. Monica Jiang says:

    you’re so funny!! :D

  47. yamiz9 says:

    i left at 4:15!!

  48. Lakeita O. says:

    Good video! 

  49. asd says:

    Are there any text message examples that you can send to your ex after no
    contact? Please give some examples. Thanks

  50. Rutendo Tapiwasa says:


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