will doing somthing really romantic and sweet help win an ex back?:

will doing somthing really romantic and sweet help win an ex back?

well,me and my g/f split for about 3 weeks now … i been living with a friend but also been thinking if there anything i can do to get her back before i go… what i was planning to do was not speak with her for 4 days or more no conntact… then i was going to rent a honeymoon sweet cabin ..have my friend drive her up there .. have a dinner and champagne and roses and candles done.. but also have a cd player playing a good song.. and i was going to get a nice dress and be all prepared and fixed up … and i was going to hold some flowers.. and when she arrives im going to ask her to dance with me one last time…if this was your situation and i were to do somthing like this for u .. would u think diffrently about me or still have hatred? would your heart melt or would u become cold?im just curious to know other ppls opions and perspectives on what they would think and if something like this may work i hate to spend all that money and look a fool but i guess i can say if they dont come back at least we had one last good time?
we have also been together 7 yrs.. i have heard of the 7 yr itch but i dont see tha after 7 yrs she wouldnt have no love at all left…
well we broke up because we had a fight and she said she needed some space and time to herself to get herself together..she didnt want to fight nomore and i guess felt it was just to much and the last time.. but i feel outa 7 yrs we gotten threw bigger steping stones then a fight

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