Your Ex Is Dating Someone Else? – Getting Back Together FAQ

Your ex is dating someone else? Get help at – A big concern that a lot of people going through a break up wonder is what you should do if your ex is dating…


10 Responses to “Your Ex Is Dating Someone Else? – Getting Back Together FAQ”

  1. JiasJewels says:

    What if your ex’s rebound is his ex? She had been trying to come between us
    once she found out we were together, but he never let it. When we got into
    a big fight, he went back to her. 

  2. sameeta sapkota says:

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  3. Aim1331 says:

    Great video

  4. Lillie Knight says:

    Thank you. I especially like the sudden plunge in to new people info. My
    husband is seeing prostitutes and it’s like one after another and it tends
    to be different ones so he is obviously trying to get an ego boost and
    erase the memory of his parents deaths about two and four years ago, but
    the last one he saw 9/14/14, Sunday, made him violently ill and he
    couldn’t work Monday and barely worked yesterday, Tuesday. I am pretty
    sure a micky was involved. He lives somewhere else now because I kicked
    him out two years ago for his night crawling, but he refuses to admit that
    he has a problem, is on drugs and alcohol despite his heart meds forbidding
    it and obviously has some weird sexual addiction.
    A friend of mine likes to say “well at least he’s happy,” sarcastically.

  5. kickazz1234 says:

    it’s been around 5 months… is it still a rebound? he said he has fallen
    for someone so “quickly” 

  6. Trunks As says:

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  7. Ryan Daniel says:

    @gxhwszp My ex came running back to me after 3 weeks. You just have to know
    what to say. Watch this to learn =>

  8. SpeedyX1 says:

    U rock 😀

  9. Nadine Chamas says:

    what its been 5 months after you broke up? is it still a rebound?

  10. Hampoy Bambol says:

    What if… my ex is getting back to her ex like you know instead of a new
    guy she go back to her ex…like it is as if a rebound relationship.

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